Korns Crossing Bridge replacement

The NSW Government is funding plans to build a new bridge over Rous River at Crystal Creek to replace the existing Korns Crossing Bridge.

Korns Crossing Bridge
Korns Crossing Bridge

Project background

Korns Crossing Bridge is located in the village of Crystal Creek, about eight kilometres west of Murwillumbah on Numinbah Road.

The three-span Dare truss bridge, which was built in 1916, crosses the Rous River providing an important tourist link between Murwillumbah and south-east Queensland.

Under the NSW Timber Truss Strategy, Korns Crossing Bridge is to be removed and replaced with a new structure.

Roads and Maritime Services is now working with Tweed Shire Council to replace the existing bridge.

The July project update has more information about the project and next steps.

Building a new bridge

A new crossing is needed at this location because the existing bridge is unable to be safely or cost-effectively serviced and upgraded to cater for future requirements of surrounding agricultural industries, freight, local and tourist traffic.

It is proposed the new structure will be built downstream from the existing bridge with an improved alignment similar to the temporary road/bridge alignment implemented for major bridge maintenance work carried out in the mid-1990s.

The new bridge is being funded from the NSW Government’s Bridge Rebuilding Program.

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