Community engagement

The community and regular road users were invited to provide feedback to Roads and Maritime Services on which part of the road is most in need of improvement and the type of upgrade judged to give the best outcome to motorists.

Comments were received until 31 January 2012.

A total of thirteen (13) written submissions were received. The majority of the comments discussed the highway in the vicinity of Spencers Cutting.  These comments focused on the need to consider an upgrade on a new alignment to avoid Spencers Cutting.

Other community feedback suggests that:

  • The speed limit should be reviewed, particularly the 100km/hr speed limit and extending the 80km/hr zone
  • Further improvements are required at Kings Creek road intersection
  • Improvements are needed at Stoney Creek intersection, Rawdon Island Road
  • Investigate property entrances and conflict points and remove overtaking opportunities (have an unbroken centre line) past these entrances to improve safety for turning vehicles
  • Consider sealed road shoulders for full length, particularly for cyclist safety
  • Overtaking lane suggestions:
    • Eastbound from Sarah's Creek bridge to the bottom of Spencers Cutting
    • Westbound from Rawdon Island Road to Stoney Creek bridge
    • Eastbound near Stoney Creek booster to Zanardis Lane
    • Westbound from stockpile site
    • Both directions through Spencers Cutting
    • Eastbound from Rawdon Island Road east (include realignment)
    • Railway crossing at Wauchope – Construction of a town centre alternative route
    • Bus stops and shelters to highway standards
    • Improve roadside drainage and remove water flowing across highway.
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