Community engagement

The project team works with the community and stakeholders to minimise the impacts of construction.

Full time staff are located at the project site office and can be contacted by phone, in person or by email.

A community display centre provides the latest information about the project and construction activities. It is located at the site office.

Contact details for the project team can be found on the project overview page.

Specific issue / location groups

Community groups will be formed around specific issues or aspects of the project that need more detailed input from the community.

The scope and focus of each group and notes of the group meetings are available through the project documents page.

Cycleway focus group

The NSW Government and Roads and Maritime Services acknowledge the importance of cycleways to local residents. Roads and Maritime, in conjunction with Coffs Harbour City Council, Bicycle NSW and the community is exploring opportunities to enhance the proposed facilities within the overall budget for the project. As part of this, a project focus group was formed in December 2010 to take a closer look at the issue and provide input into enhancing the existing facilities.

Options being considered include changing land and shoulder widths to accommodate the proposed enhanced cyclist facilities. The installation of guide posts between the road and proposed cyclist facilities has been raised by members of the community and will also be considered during the investigation.

At this stage, no decision has been made in regard to the provision of enhanced cyclist facilities for the project.

As part of the upgrade, a local road network is being provided from Sapphire to Arrawarra, north of Woolgoolga that will provide an alternative to travelling on the upgraded highway.

It will have 60km/h and 80km/ h posted speed limits with widened shoulders and overbridges for use by cyclists and pedestrians. The current cyclist facilities are consistent with the Austroads Guide to Road Design and the NSW Bikeplan.

The current facilities were included in the project's environmental assessment, which was displayed for community comment prior to obtaining project approval in January 2009.

Roads and Maritime consulted with Coffs Harbour City Council during the preparation of the assessment and has considered Council's cycleway strategy.

'To view the presentations, meeting notes and supporting material from the December 2010, February 2011 and May 2012 focus group meetings go to the project documents page.

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