Environmental assessment

The environmental assessment process considers all relevant environmental matters, including issues raised by the community and interest groups in the development of the proposal and the assessment of these potential impacts. 

The Tintenbar to Ewingsdale environmental assessment and refined concept design were on display for community comment in October 2008.

In response to the submissions received, Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) prepared a submissions report and preferred project report in May 2009.

Potential environmental impacts and management

The proposed upgrade would potentially result in a range of environmental impacts that will require environmental management.

The environmental assessment considered the following environmental impacts:

  • Water quality impacts from road run-off.
  • Clearing of natural vegetation.
  • Land use changes and property acquisition.
  • Noise.
  • Aboriginal and European heritage.
  • Loss of agricultural land.
  • Traffic changes.
  • Visual amenity.

Examples of environmental management measures that will be put in place to minimise impacts include:

  • Construction of water quality basins to treat run-off during construction and operation.
  • Development of a 'remnant land strategy' to manage land that is left over after Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) has acquired properties in the area.
  • Noise migitation treatments at various locations.  These treatments may include: noise mounds, noise walls, low noise road surface, or the individual treatment to homes.
  • Modification of local roads to ensure efficient access to and across the proposed upgrade.
  • Landscape and urban design treatments to minimise the visual impact of the new road while enhancing the visual experience for motorists on the proposed upgrade.

To view or download documents relating to the development, environmental assessment and project approval go to the project documents page.

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