Bridge over the Clarence River at Harwood

The Australian and NSW governments are jointly funding the $4.36 billion Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. As part of the upgrade, a new bridge will be built over the Clarence River at Harwood.

Bridge over the Clarence River at Harwood (Aerial imagery by MACRO Consulting Surveyors Pty Ltd)

Updates and announcements

Work planned for the next three to six months at the new bridge over the Clarence River at Harwood includes:

  • Survey
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Changes to local traffic conditions including speed reductions around the Yamba interchange, on the existing Harwood Bridge and River Street
  • Building the northern and southern bridge approaches
  • Installing pile caps, columns and headstocks in marine
  • Installing columns and headstocks on land
  • Continue manufacturing u-girders on site in the precast yard
  • Transporting and installing u-girders on land and marine
  • Continue building the new Oval Link Road
  • Building the decks ready for the road surface.

Changes to existing Harwood bridge lift span opening times

There will be changes to the existing Harwood Bridge lift span opening times to allow for work to continue in the river whilst we build the new bridge.

For tall boats, the lift span will be available for opening before 6.45am and after 6pm Monday to Friday and before 7.45am and after 5pm on Saturdays. The lift span is available all day Sunday.

Motorists should plan for minor delays during these times. Maritime users should plan their trips accordingly and observe the navigational channel.

Working outside of normal construction hours

The project team is sometimes required to carry out activities outside of standard construction hours. Potential out of hours work includes:

  • Concrete pours
  • Maintenance of plant equipment
  • Transport and placement of large bridge components.

The project team will contact affected residents as required to confirm the timing of the activity before starting out of hours work. 

Current and upcoming work notifications

For information about current and upcoming work in your area, please view or download the latest project updates:


Check out our new video of the new bridge over the Clarence River at Harwood.



View or download:

Brief history of the project

  • January 2018: Completed all piling work
  • December 2017: First u-girder lifted on to headstock
  • November 2017: AMS 1803 barge arrived at site
  • September 2017: Aquila barge arrived at site
  • August 2017: First headstock poured
  • July 2017: Leanora barge arrived at site
  • July 2017: Completed construction of the temporary jetty
  • May 2017: The first permanent marine pile for the new bridge was driven into the riverbed
  • May 2017: Rebecca Lily barge arrived at site
  • April 2017: The first permanent land pile for the new bridge was driven into the ground
  • December 2016: Started building the Watts Lane site compound
  • November 2016: Community consultation and public display of the draft urban design and landscape plan
  • October 2016: Closure of the southbound on and off ramp at Harwood
  • September 2016: Community consultation carried out on the proposed site compound location and proposed traffic changes
  • August 2016: Preferred site compound area is proposed on the north side of the Clarence River at Harwood and geotechnical investigations begin on land and in the Clarence River
  • September 2015: Refined concept design for Yamba/Harwood/Watts Lane interchanges
  • January 2015: Community consultation on potential options for the Yamba and Harwood interchanges
  • November 2013: Submissions/Preferred Infrastructure Report (SPIR)
  • December 2012: Woolgoolga to Ballina Environmental Impact Statement
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