Woolgoolga to Ballina - Pacific Highway upgrade

The Woolgoolga to Ballina project will upgrade about 155 kilometres of highway. The project starts about six kilometres north of Woolgoolga (north of Coffs Harbour) and ends approximately six kilometres south of Ballina.

Updates and announcements

Woolgoolga to Ballina updates

For information about current and upcoming work in your area, please view or download the latest project updates:

Operational Noise Review

We have prepared an Operational Noise Review which outlines the expected changes in road traffic noise as a result of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. See the operational noise page for more information.

Temporary traffic changes in Glenugie and Pillar Valley

There will be temporary changed traffic conditions between Old Six Mile Lane south, Old Six Mile Lane north and Wants Lane, Glenugie from Monday 30 July 2018. View the notification (PDF, 225Kb).

Proposal for batch plant at Woombah

The project team is proposing to build a temporary asphalt batch plant at Woombah. The batch plant would be located on the eastern side of the existing highway about 700 metres north of the old Iluka Road turnoff. We have provided a fact sheet (PDF, 278Kb) notification (PDF, 417Kb) and additional information (PDF, 865Kb) about the proposal. To have your say, please complete the feedback form (PDF, 124Kb) by Wednesday 18 July 2018.

Temporary traffic changes north of Jubilee Street, Maclean

A temporary traffic switch is required on the Pacific Highway north of Jubilee Street, Maclean. Motorists will be switched onto a new diversion road in mid-July 2018, weather permitting. Please see the notification (PDF, 185Kb) for more information.

Temporary closure at Chatsworth Road North

Work on a new overpass at Chatsworth Road North, Mororo has now started. To finish the road connections to the overpass, Chatsworth Road North and part of the Mororo Bridge will be temporarily closed from Monday 9 July for up to six weeks, weather permitting. For detour information see the notification (PDF, 224Kb).

Maclean levee community consultation report

In late 2017, the project team asked the community for feedback on a proposal to raise a low point of the Maclean levee to mitigate the predicted impact of the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade. The feedback received and responses from the project team have been compiled into a community consultation report (PDF,1.94Mb).
The proposal has now been accepted and construction will start soon.

Start of blasting at Tyndale borrow site

Controlled blasting will begin at Tyndale borrow site from mid June 2018, weather permitting. For more information please view or download the blasting factsheet (PDF, 97.5Kb) and start of blasting notification (PDF, 305Kb).

Temporary traffic changes on Woodburn Evans Head Road for the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade

A new bridge will be built over the Pacific Highway upgrade for the Woodburn Evans Head Road overpass. The first stage of this work involves temporarily realigning Woodburn Evans Head Road. Please see notification (PDF, 127Kb) for more information.

April 2018 community update for new bridge over the Richmond River at Broadwater

For information about current and upcoming work on the new bridge of the Richmond River at Broadwater, please see the April community update (PDF, 715Kb) for more information.

Start of early work – Glenugie Interchange to Eight Mile Lane Interchange, Glenugie for the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has approved a refined route for the new highway between the Glenugie Interchange to Eight Mile Lane Interchange. The approval follows consultation with impacted stakeholders. The approval for the modification to the alignment and the conditions can be found on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website.

The Woolgoolga to Ballina team is planning to start work in the area in March 2018, weather permitting. Access for project vehicles will be via the northern end of the Old Pacific Highway, off the current Pacific Highway and Eight Mile Lane at Glenugie. Please refer to the start of work notification (PDF, 474Kb) for more information.

Permanent koala exclusion fencing

Work is continuing on permanent koala exclusion fencing near Wardell.

The Woolgoolga to Ballina project team is building the exclusion fence alongside the existing Pacific Highway.

The koala exclusion fence is being delivered in line with the project’s Conditions of Approval, as part of the project’s Koala Management Plan and is expected to be completed late August 2017.

View or download the start of work notification for more information.

Travelling through work zones

While building the Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade we need to change road conditions to ensure safety for road users and workers.

We understand changes to the road environment during construction changes your experience of your journey.

Please complete our five minute surveys to provide your feedback about:

We want to understand your experience of driving through work zones on the Pacific Highway during the construction of the Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade so we can provide you with sufficient information, far enough in advance, to drive safely and plan your trips.

To improve the safety of road users and workers we are trialling a number of new ways to guide people through work zones and increase awareness of changed traffic conditions and speed limits.

Yellow lines will replace white lines at a number of temporary work zones near the existing highway to provide better guidance through work zones and raise awareness of changed conditions. We need your feedback about travelling through the yellow line trial to help us understand if you think they are effective.

Yellow line trial
Yellow line trial

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