Oversize / over mass vehicle movements

Super T on truck waiting to be lifted off
Super T on truck waiting to be lifted off

To build the 170 bridges on the Pacific Highway between Woolgoolga and Ballina, large-scale precast concrete structures need to be transported to the bridge sites on oversize/over mass vehicles. These are longer and wider than normal trucks and require extra safety precautions.

The structures will be moved mainly from key locations at Macksville, Coffs Harbour and Brisbane to various sites along the highway. These increased oversize/over mass vehicle movements will continue until 2019 and at the peak of building activity, it is expected there will be up to eight oversize/over mass vehicles daily on the highway between Macksville and Brisbane to deliver these concrete pieces to our sites.

We are committed to keeping our road users and local communities informed about these vehicle movements and encourage you to use this webpage for the latest updates and safety messages.

Plan. Awareness. Caution

Roads and Maritime Services is asking motorists to think PAC when travelling on the Pacific Highway during the next 18 months to avoid delays. There are thousands of bridge pieces, some up to 43 metres long, being delivered and we want to help you plan ahead! Stay informed with our information video, Sharing the road with wide and long loads.


Updates and announcements

PAC – Plan, Awareness, Caution

The Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade team is currently transporting large concrete pieces on extra large trucks to build 170 bridges across the project.

The safety of road users and workers is our number one priority. Before travelling we ask motorists to remember P.A.C – Plan, Awareness, Caution – to help make your journey as safe and efficient as possible. We expect there will be delays, but P.A.C will help you plan your journey to get to your destination safely and on time.

For more information please view or download our December community update (PDF, 1.35Mb).

PAC - Plan Awareness, Caution

The safety of road users and road workers is the number one priority for Roads and Maritime Services. Road users are encouraged to remember PAC to help make your journey as safe and efficient as possible during this program of work to construct a four-lane, divided road between Woolgoolga and Ballina.

Safety around oversize and over mass vehicles

The movement of oversize/over mass loads is strictly regulated to ensure safety for all road users.

Oversize/over mass vehicles are usually accompanied by one or more pilot vehicles and the largest loads are also accompanied by a traffic escort vehicle. This may be a police vehicle or other accredited escort operator.

Pilot and escort vehicles are identified by their roof-mounted warning signage and flashing lights (blue/red for police and amber for other operators). Their job is to warn other road users of the presence of large, slow-moving vehicles. Escort vehicle operators have traffic control powers.

If you see a pilot or escort vehicle, and the oversize/over mass load is approaching you:

  • Remain calm
  • Reduce your speed
  • Move as far to the left as possible and prepare to stop if necessary
  • Follow any instructions given by the traffic escort.

If you are approaching an oversize/over mass vehicle from the rear, slow down and prepare for slow-moving traffic queues.

Be patient. You will be given an opportunity to pass or overtake when it is safe. Do not risk overtaking an oversize/over mass load without ensuring the road ahead is clear, and be prepared for unexpected wind buffeting when overtaking.

Our project team is working closely with the heavy vehicle industry and motoring bodies to keep our highway safe for all road users and workers. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and your attention to safe driving.

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