Reducing risks to native animals

A number of measures are being taken to reduce impacts on animals during the upgrade of the Pacific Highway and once the upgrades are complete.

To protect native animals, crossing points and exclusion fencing is installed at important animal movement corridors that have been identified in studies. This helps reduce the risk of animals crossing over the highway.

During construction native animals are rescued and relocated.

Two examples of fauna fencing
Two examples of fauna fencing

Environmental management of aquatic animals

A number of measures to reduce impacts on aquatic animals have been implemented.

On the Coolongolook to Wang Wauk project, a fish-friendly culvert was built below stream bed level with scour protection to help fish passage during low to medium flows.

The Pipeclay Creek bridge structure was designed and built to promote fish passage.

A fish-friendly culvert was built at Nabiac Creek. A low flow cell with rock energy dissipaters to help fish passage in high velocity flows.

Floodgates were installed on a drainage channel that flows into the Lansdowne River on the Coopernook bypass project to rise and fall according to tidal flows.

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