Environmental management of noise

A number of noise reduction measures are implemented on new road projects.

Noise walls at Bonville bypass

These measures help reduce traffic noise issues when predicted noise levels exceed the guidelines set by the Department of Environment and Climate Change and Water (DECCW).

The DECCW have day and night time noise level targets for new roads and existing roads.

These noise levels are in decibels or 'dBA'.

Each area has target levels. These are decided by both the DECCW and Roads and Maritime Services guidelines.

If predicted noise levels for homes exceed target levels, Roads and Maritime Services considers further noise mitigation, such as noise treatment, low noise pavement and noise barriers.

How does a noise barrier work?

Noise barriers interrupt the path of sound waves.

A noise barrier must be tall enough and long enough to block the line of sight to traffic from the area it's protecting.

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