Great Western Highway Upgrade, Bullaburra

Completed: 2015

The opening of this project through the village of Bullaburra marked the completion of the Great Western Highway upgrade to a four lane road between Emu Plains and Katoomba. The NSW Government invested $569 million since 2011 into this important upgrade, $75 million of which procured the Bullaburra upgrade.

Bullaburra is one of the smaller community settlements to be found along the spine of the Great Western Highway as it winds its way along the ridgelines of the Blue Mountains. The project continued the successful urban design approach adopted throughout the highway upgrade, guided by the Great Western Highway Urban Design Framework. The design responded with sensitivity to the particular characteristics and needs of this Blue Mountains village community.

Improvements to the community’s interaction with the highway, including enhancing local road connectivity, expanding safe pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and providing well located local bus stops were of prime importance in this project. The built outcome demonstrates the careful integrated planning and design process, and features a well landscaped corridor which will grow to strengthen the natural landscape qualities of Bullaburra and its location within the Blue Mountains.

An existing railway commuter carpark was relocated to the southern side of the highway and linked into the local road network. The car park was designed with additional spaces and surrounded with substantial tree planting to integrate with the local setting.

Pedestrian connectivity to the station across the highway has been upgraded through the addition of a pedestrian bridge with ramps and stairs, directly linking the community and the new car park safely with the rail station.

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