Cammeray Bus Layover, Warringah Freeway

Completed: 2011

The Cammeray bus layover provides parking for around 30 buses waiting to access the CBD for commuters during the afternoon peak. The layover improves bus reliability and avoids unnecessary bus travel on local streets or buses parking inappropriately.

The layover makes use of a wider section of the Warringah Freeway. Additional space was created by excavation into the existing sandstone cutting and the use of the landscaped verge. As part of the project, the opportunity was taken to provide a new separated cycleway along the edge of Cammeray Golf Course.

The project was designed to respect the character of the Warringah Freeway. Completed in the 1960s, the freeway is notable for its sandstone cuttings and stone block work as well as the predominantly native landscape design. It is an important gateway to North Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, CBD and beyond.

The cuttings are either left in a natural cut sandstone state or where stabilisation is necessary, sensitively in-filled with sandstone block work. The driver facilities are inset into the cutting reducing their impact. Sandstone block work has been used around the base of the facility to reflect the local North Sydney vernacular. The sandstone block work retaining wall at the top of the cuttings – also a hallmark of the Warringah Freeway design – was removed, stored and replaced at the end of the project.

Planting of native gums and swathes of native grasses on the cutting and verge helps integrate the project into the area. Planting of semi-mature Melaleuca quinquenervia alongside the golf course helps create a buffer for the golfers and a stately row of trees along the freeway.

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