Epping Road Pedestrian Bridge, Marsfield

Completed: 2012

Built as part of the Roads and Maritime Pedestrian Bridge Program, this arched bridge over Epping Road at Marsfield, aims to improve safety and access for Epping Boys High School students and local residents.

At 3.6 metres wide and 41 metres long with ramps and stairs built on each side, the bridge provides a wide shared thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and persons with mobility aids and prams. Motorists benefit from a more steady flow of traffic through this section of Epping Road.

The ramp access is short and relatively flat, making the most of this steeper section of Epping Road. The ramps connect to the existing Vimiera Road cycleway and the future Epping Road cycleway.

The arched form of the bridge – the result of the design team responding to community consultation – avoids a central pier in the road and mirrors the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge seen in the distance when travelling towards the city.

The environment surrounding the bridge has been planted with trees and shrubs. Feature lighting ensures an attractive landmark at night.

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