Feature lighting, New South Wales

Completed: 2014

The visual experience of using road and maritime infrastructure is an important design consideration which applies both day and night. Lighting also serves to emphasise the architectural qualities of structures and create a distinctive aesthetic effect.

The night-time qualities of our projects are considered at an early stage and where appropriate feature lighting is designed into the project. Developments in lighting and the establishment of LEDs as energy efficient light sources have allowed lighting to be considered as a low running cost, low maintenance element that has benefits in making the journey more interesting, improving way finding and reducing monotony for road users. A good example of this approach is on the M7 where the walls and bridges are decoratively lit up to provide a visual experience at night. In the case of tunnels there are also benefits in terms of making the journey more interesting and providing clearer way finding.

Lighting can also serve to turn our bridges and structures into a canvas for celebrations. For example the Sydney Harbour Bridge is used during the Vivid Sydney Festival as a highlight of the event. LEDs can be digitally changed to any colour and the Gladesville Bridge's 50th anniversary and designation with an International Engineering Heritage Marker took advantage of this technology. Portable LED spotlights created a lighting effect that subtly changed colour fifty times across a 60 minute period to reflect the years since opening.

Lighting is being utilised increasingly to improve the journey experience, improve way finding at night, improve the user friendliness of bridges and tunnels and create attractive compositions in appropriate settings.

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