Great Western Highway Upgrade, Wentworth Falls East

Completed: 2012

This project opened to traffic in September 2012 marking the final stage of the upgrade through Wentworth Falls.

A highlight of the drive through this part of the Blue Mountains is the undulating carriageways parallel to the Western Railway, progressively revealing aspects of the village and highlighting the rolling local landform. This highway formation also helped minimise impacts on residential properties along the narrow road corridor while maximising opportunities for landscape design.

The project’s urban design approach reinforces the existing character of the village centre and enhances the major traffic entry point to the village at Station Street. The streetscape of mature exotic trees and shrubs between Dalrymple Avenue East and Dalrymple Avenue West contributes strongly to the character of Wentworth Falls, emphasising the unique cultural landscape characteristics individual to each village throughout the Blue Mountains. The landscape design is reinforced by exotic ‘signature’ planting and an avenue of trees on either side of the Highway, integrating with the existing mix of native and exotic vegetation which provides a variety of foliage colours, especially during autumn.

A variety of retaining wall solutions were cleverly designed to reflect local area characteristics. Two service roads were constructed for safer access to properties, as well as a network of pedestrian and cycle pathways linking with the village precinct and continuing the network along the Great Western Highway.

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