Moree Bypass Stage Two, Moree

Completed: 2015

The second stage of the Newell Highway bypass of Moree is a 1.8 kilometre long connection on the eastern side of Moree, running between and parallel to Gosport Street and the rail line. The southern end forms the new gateway to Moree.

The bypass strategically separates heavy vehicles from the town centre without travellers losing access to the town's amenities and services.

Parking for trailers and caravans is located near the Moree Spa, and connection from the town main street to the rail station through the central neighbourhood is improved by including bus and car set down, a shaded park with new seating and lighting, and streetscape chosen to both complement the character of Moree and improve the safety at crossings and intersections.

The success of the design is the integration of appropriately-scaled elements to create an attractive and valued space in the town. The Moree ANZAC Memorial, opened by the Governor of NSW in 2016, commemorates the centenary of ANZAC and remembers the sacrifice of more than 200 service men and women from the Moree district who died in World War I. The memorial is located in the ANZAC Centenary Park that is adjacent to the Moree Bypass. Kurrajong trees in the park symbolise the men of the 1916 recruitment drive known as the ‘Kurrajong March’ and are representative of their hardiness and will to survive.

The new park also celebrates Moree's Aboriginal culture and provides information on the nearby historic Moree Artesian Spa Baths, Victoria Hotel and Moree Railway Station.

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