Princes Highway Upgrade, South Nowra

Completed: 2014

This upgrade was constructed to improve safety and reduce the number of crashes over a 6.3km length of the Princes Highway south of Nowra, as well as reduce local traffic congestion. The design consists of portions of duplicated carriageway, widening and intersection treatments, as well as improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

The change between an urban environment nearer to Nowra and a more rural character further south is marked by preserving a mature row of spotted gums in the median of the widened road. As well as marking this change, the row of gums helps give identity to a light industrial area which straddles the highway and would have otherwise detracted from the visual quality of the area.

The southernmost section of the upgrade was designed to maintain the existing highway’s quality of a sinuous highway set amongst farmland and eucalypt forest which is characteristic of much of the Princes Highway to the Victorian border.

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