Princes Highway Upgrade, Victoria Creek

Completed: 2013

The upgrade of the Princes Highway at Victoria Creek improves a narrow and winding section of the highway, aims to reduce the crash rate, and increase the road efficiency.

This is a highly scenic area of the NSW south coast comprising predominately undulating agricultural land with remnant vegetation dominated by spotted gums and regularly occurring water courses. Gulaga, the largest peak on the NSW south coast is a prominent backdrop to the project.

The design incorporates innovative solutions to minimise the extent of cut and fill embankments which would have otherwise occurred because of the area’s underlying topography and geometric constraints. At the northern end of the project, rock cuttings were stood up vertically to create a gateway into the creek valley for southbound travellers. Farmland was leased and returned to the landowner after earthworks were complete and the ground rehabilitated. This allowed a greater amount of adjacent productive agricultural land to be retained and helped the road fit into its setting.

The upgrade is more prominent from Central Tilba, a nearby popular tourist destination, than the former Princes Highway alignment. The design includes false cuttings and uses vegetation to limit the impact this increased prominence would otherwise have on the village's character.

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