Rest Area Signage, NSW Road Network


Working with Destination NSW, Roads and Maritime designed and built a new signage structure model for highway road users and local communities.

The signage uses two sculptural and distinctive curved forms placed back to back for stability. The curved forms provide enough space for information about the local area and the highway as well as shelter from the elements when reading the information. The design is a refined expression of both structural necessity and sculptural form with no superfluous elements.

The rest area signs are being progressively implemented in rest areas along the Pacific Highway. They are placed in prominent positions and their design ensures they can be easily spotted from the road and therefore help encourage drivers to stop and rest. Roads and Maritime and Destination NSW work together to provide historic, geographic and recreational information about the local area. Information about the highway route, road safety and Aboriginal heritage of the area are presented in a clear attractive style, colour coded for consistency.

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