Newcastle Inner City Bypass, Shortland to Sandgate

Completed: 2014

The 1.8 kilometre Shortland to Sandgate project forms the northern extent of the Newcastle Inner City Bypass.

Although relatively short, the project takes in a number of features which make this an interesting route from the road user’s perspective. The road descends from a ridge at its northern extent across the Main Northern Rail Line and a tributary of Ironbark Creek. Adjacent to the north east is the historic Sandgate Cemetery. Hunter Wetlands Centre, a regionally significant ecological and educational facility, sits to the west. The southern extent joins onto a previously completed stage of the bypass at a new bridge under Sandgate Road.

Existing vegetation is primarily grazing land with groups and lines of natives and introduced trees. This combination of relatively flat land with trees generally blocks long distance views, however on the higher areas panoramic views above the trees are available. New bridges cross the creek tributary and the railway line.

The intersection at the Pacific Highway at the northern extent is marked by a grove of Araucaria trees, which reflect the cultural planting in Sandgate Cemetery. The retaining walls in the project are articulated with texture and oxide to add interest. Terraced areas behind the retaining walls at the southern limit of work at the underpass beneath Sandgate Road have created flatter ground to increase the amount of planting possible. As the project passes over watercourses and the Main Northern Railway Line, low planting and open barriers are used to allow views of the landscape.

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