Working in the Network, Parramatta, Rozelle and Milsons Point


Roads and Maritime is adopting a new way of working, reflecting a more modern approach to office environments. Activity Based Working (ABW) is an approach which recognises that through the course of any working day, people have a number of different work activities to complete – some require high levels of concentration and some require high levels of collaboration. This approach  provides staff and teams the freedom to choose different types of work settings to suit different types of work activities. It involves a modernised physical environment with high quality  technology and innovative workspaces that support flexible, mobile working.

This new approach has been successfully implemented at many government and private sector workplaces in Australia and around the world including NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet,  NSW Treasury, Sydney Metro, Telstra, Macquarie Bank, Microsoft, CBRE, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac, among others. It drives organisations to be more reflective of the way people want to  work, embrace advancements in technology and is designed to promote collaboration in the workplace.

Roads and Maritime is adopting this approach progressively across our offices in NSW. Rozelle, Parramatta and Milsons Point were the first to be implemented, with Wagga Wagga and Newcastle following soon afterward. In moving the corporate office to Milsons Point, Roads and Maritime has refurbished the viaduct space on Ennis Road under the north approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The heritage qualities of the 80 year old structure have been respected in the upgrade and the ideas of the innovative bridge engineering, the skills and toil of the workers and the  contribution of the bridge to Sydney have been core to the heritage conservation plan and incorporated into the renovation.

The outcome has created a more modern, agile and solutions-driven workplace.

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