Policy, design advice and guidelines

Downloadable documents that outline our urban design principles and policy, and provide detailed design advice and guidelines.

Achievements in road and maritime infrastructure projects


This publication is an opportunity to recognise the work of so many people across the planning, design and construction professions who have contributed to these projects.

View the interactive case studies or download in book format (PDF, 4Mb).

Beyond the Pavement

Roads and Maritime Services urban design policy, procedures and design principles.

Bridge aesthetics design guidelines

Design guidelines to improve the appearance of bridges in NSW.

Landscape guidelines

Landscape design and maintenance guidelines to improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of road corridor planting and seeding.

Noise wall design guidelines

Design guidelines to improve the appearance of noise walls in NSW.

Pacific Highway urban design framework

Urban design guidelines for the SH10 from Hexham to Tweed Heads.

Shotcrete design guidelines

Design guideline to improve the appearance of shotcrete in NSW.

Water sensitive urban design guideline

Applying water sensitive urban design principles to NSW transport projects.

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