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Roads and Maritime Services is committed to actively engaging with community members and other stakeholders. Community consultation is undertaken on most projects except when emergency works need to be scheduled at short notice.

As well as this page, which provides information about projects currently open for comment, Roads and Maritime project managers and service providers seek feedback in various ways as required, for example through:

  • Newsletters including contact details for feedback
  • Displays with staff available in public locations
  • Community information sessions and workshops
  • Meetings to discuss specific issues
  • Online forums
  • Using the 'Have Your Say' online consultation portal.

Projects for which community comments are being sought, April to May 2017

Project Name: Safety investigation work at Princes Highway and Island Point Road, Tomerong

Roads and Maritime Services is commencing early investigation work including traffic modelling, strategic designs and estimates, aimed at improving safety at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Island Point Road, Tomerong.

Further investigations will be carried out and feedback received from the community will be used to determine the most appropriate solution. We are seeking feedback from motorists’ about their experience with the intersection, including:

  • How frequently do you use this intersection?
  • Have you experienced any difficulties using the intersection?
  • Are there any particular movements that are an issue?

How can you give feedback?

We invite your feedback by 28 April 2017.

Project Name: Night work on King Georges Road, Hurstville

Roads and Maritime Services is inviting feedback on a night work schedule that would allow us to complete the project as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption period for residents, businesses and road users. We have included a map to show the work location.

The project involves removing and replacing asphalt, kerbs and guttering, investigating utilities and repainting road markings on King Georges Road between Woniora Road and Maher Street.

We propose working up to five nights a week for seven weeks, for a total of 35 shifts. Our work hours would be between 8pm and 5am, from Sunday to Friday. We would complete noisier activities such as saw-cutting and jack-hammering by midnight.

The alternative is working up to two nights a week, which would extend the project to 18 weeks. Our shift hours would be the same and we would still complete nosier activities by midnight.

How can you give feedback?

We invite your feedback by Monday 8 May.

Project Name: Intersection upgrade at Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street, Kincumber

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to upgrade the intersection of the Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street.

The upgrade would reduce congestion and improve traffic flow and travel times for the 25,000 motorists travelling along Empire Bay Drive between Kerta Road and Avoca Drive each day.

We are seeking your comments on the strategic design to replace the existing roundabout with traffic lights.

Drop-in information session

The community is invited to find out more about the project and to provide feedback to the project team at a drop-in information session to be held on Thursday 4 May 2017 from 4pm to 7pm at the Kincumber Public School school hall, Avoca Drive, Kincumber NSW 2251.

How can you give feedback?

We invite your feedback by 19 May 2017.

  • Mail: Natalie Perfrement
    Roads and Maritime Services
    Locked Bag 2030
    Newcastle NSW 2300
  • Email: perfrement@rms.nsw.gov.au
  • Phone: 02 4908 7738 (business hours)
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