Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project

The $274 million project will build better connections in and around Batemans Bay for motorists, freight, river users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Major work is on track to start early 2019.

Updates and announcements

The project team will be holding two drop-in sessions to answer any questions you have about the detailed design and discuss upcoming work. Come and meet us:

  • Thursday 13 December at Korners Park, North Batemans Bay between 3pm to 6pm
  • Monday 17 December at Clyde Street Park, near Innes Boatshed, Batemans Bay from 12pm to 6pm

Detailed design

The design of the bridge and approach roads is complete. Improvements have been made to the project following the communities feedback last year. There will be reduced piers in the water and wider spans for improved river flow, safety and design. New left turn lanes have been added at the Kings and Princes highways intersection to improve traffic flow during peak travel periods and the forshore space will also be developed to further improve access to the river. The new construction method will also minimise impacts to the town centre while major work is underway. Please view or download the detailed design community update for more information.

A summary of the community's feedback that helped shape the final design can be viewed in the Submissions Report.

Update on early work

In preparation for major work early next year, we are relocating underwater utilities in and around the foreshore. Please view or download the foreshore notification – October 2018 for more information.

A small barge is on the Clyde River for underwater geotechnical investigations.. For the safety of workers and other vessels, the barge will be surrounded by navigation safety buoys and signage at all times.

Work has also started on building the temporary project office and community information centre on the site of the former bowling club in the northern section of Mackay Park. Please view or download the site office notification October 2018 for more information.

Foreshore advisory committee

The foreshore advisory committee continues to meet regularly to provide advice on the foreshore area. The committee brings together representatives from council, the local business community, Aboriginal communities, fishing and boating groups and community members. The design of the foreshore will be available to the community in early 2019.

Maintaining access to the river for boat users during construction

The project team require use of the Old Punt Road and Clyde Street boat ramps during stages of construction. To provide continuous river access for boat users, we will be building a new temporary boat ramp at Korners Park on the northern foreshore of Batemans Bay. To avoid disruptions during the peak holiday period, both the existing northern and southern boat ramps will remain open until late January 2019.

The temporary boat ramp at Korners Park will be removed after its use. Community feedback and studies during the Review of Environmental Factors found that Korners Park would to be reinstated because of its historical significance to the area.

Please view or download the boat ramp relocation diagram showing how we will be maintaining river access at all times or view the FAQ – boat ramp notification for more information.

How are we building the new bridge?

View or download the December FAQ – detailed design that shows the project’s construction method.


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