Batemans Bay Bridge project

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to replace Batemans Bay bridge.

Updates and announcements

A preferred option for the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement has been announced

A preferred option has been selected and the community was invited to give feedback between Friday 4 August and Friday 1 September 2017. Roads and Maritime thanks stakeholders and community members who met with the project team, attended the information sessions or filled out the survey.

Replacing the bridge over Clyde River would improve access to Batemans Bay and surrounding areas, allow access for larger trucks, reduce traffic delays and improve the Kings and Princes Highway intersection.

Replacing the existing bridge

The preferred option proposes to remove the existing bridge. Issues with the existing bridge include an annual maintenance cost of up to $1 million, no access for larger trucks, lack of reliable access across the Clyde River due to the lift span and restricted access to the Clyde River for river vessels due to the bridge's height.

Benefits of a new bridge

The new Batemans Bay Bridge would:

  • improve freight access by allowing larger trucks and B-double vehicles up to 26 metres in length across the Clyde River
  • replace the existing bridge that requires ongoing maintenance
  • reduce traffic delays at the Kings and Princes Highway intersection in peak periods
  • reduce economic and social impacts by removing the current lift span issues and load limit on the existing bridge.

Identifying the preferred option

A Preferred Option Report explains the options that were considered.

Following a value management workshop with key stakeholders and community members and a range of technical studies, a preferred option was identified to meet the project’s objectives. The preferred option is a new bridge to the west of the existing bridge.

Preferred Option Report

View or download the Preferred Option Report.

Next steps

Using feedback from the recent Preferred Option display period we will develop the environmental assessment and further refine the design of the new bridge.

The environmental assessment for the Batemans Bay Bridge project will be on display later this year. We will continue to keep the community updated as the project progresses.

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