Batemans Bay Bridge project

Roads and Maritime Services is investigating options for the future of Batemans Bay Bridge.

Princes Highway over Clyde River, Batemans Bay

Updates and announcements

Working towards a preferred option and concept design

Roads and Maritime thanks participants of a recent value management workshop. The workshop brought together a number of community members and stakeholders including technical specialists and other government agencies to identify benefits and issues of a proposed new bridge.

Workshop participants agreed on the project’s objectives and assessed technical information and a range of design options before making a recommendation for a new bridge.

Roads and Maritime will now use outcomes from this workshop to select a preferred option for a new bridge.

Recommendations made by community members and stakeholders at the Value Management Workshop will contribute to the development of a preferred option and concept design.

All community members will have the chance to have their say on the project when the preferred option is announced later this year

Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd have been announced as the consultant for the concept design and environmental assessment of the project. Aurecon will work towards identifying the preferred option for the new highway crossing.

Aurecon will work with the project team, technical specialists and community stakeholders during this stage of the project. Work will include road, bridge, structural, drainage and landscaping design and surveys, geotechnical, flooding and traffic investigations.

Project benefits

The new Batemans Bay Bridge would:

  • Improve freight access by allowing Higher Mass Limit semi-trailers and B-double vehicles up to 26 metres in length across the Clyde River
  • Replace the existing bridge that requires ongoing maintenance and this will reduce maintenance costs
  • Minimise economic and social impacts resulting from delays experienced when the lift span is in operation and the constraints of a load limit on the existing bridge
  • Reduce traffic delays at the Kings and Princes Highway intersection in peak periods. 

Ongoing maintenance

The Batemans Bay Bridge requires regular maintenance due to the age, condition and complexity of the structure.

Roads and Maritime Services has a maintenance schedule designed to upgrade and rehabilitate key components of the bridge.

In late 2016, upgrade works were undertaken on the bridge's opening system and the concrete repair of piers.

Roads and Maritime will continue to notify the community and motorists of all upcoming scheduled work on the bridge as necessary.

Recent incidents on the bridge are currently being reviewed with engineers working to ensure safety and reliable bridge operations.

Project background

The Batemans Bay Bridge is located on the Princes Highway approximately 270 kilometres south of Sydney and 150 kilometres east of Canberra.

Constructed in 1956, the bridge is over 280 metres long and features a lift span to allow water traffic upstream.

Due to the age and condition of the structure, elements of the bridge require ongoing and expensive maintenance.

This work is required to reduce the likelihood of lift span faults and to reduce traffic congestion and delays.

The bridge currently has heavy vehicle restrictions due to the narrow width of the road.

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