Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project

Roads and Maritime Services is replacing the Batemans Bay Bridge over the Clyde River. Benefits of the project include improved freight access, reduced traffic delays at the Kings and Princes Highway intersection in peak periods, reduced economic and social impacts by removing the current lift span bridge and remove delays due to bridge openings.

The NSW Government has committed $30 million in the 2018/2019 budget to start construction on the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project.

Updates and announcements

Utility relocation work near Clyde River foreshore between October and December 2018

Utilities will be relocated near the Clyde River foreshore between mid October and December 2018, weather permitting, to make way for the new bridge. The utilities include overhead electricity lines, underground communication cables, and water and sewer mains. 

The work will include temporarily fencing off of areas on the northern and southern sides of the river to drill holes into the ground to install the new utilities. Please view or download the Diagram of Utility Relocation Work on the Clyde River foreshore on page three of the Community notification - September 2018 (PDF, 318Kb).

Work on the temporary project site offices

From mid October, work will start on building temporary project offices on the site of the former bowling club in the northern section of Mackay Park. This will include the demolition of the existing buildings. The work will include installing fencing and environmental controls, carrying out earth work and demolishing the bowling club, constructing site offices and parking facilities and installing storage facilities.

Demolition and construction of the site will be between 7am and 6pm, Monday and Friday, and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. Work on the site will be completed later this year and the site will be used for the duration of the project.

During major work starting early next year, the site will be used for a community information centre, site offices, car parking, workshops and storage areas for materials including equipment, soil and gravel.

Please view or download the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 3.04Mb) or the October 2018 community notification (PDF, 178Kb) for more information.

Foreshore Advisory Committee.

A Foreshore Advisory Committee is being established to provide advice on the design of the foreshore including parking, recreational areas, access to the river, landscaping and artwork. The project team advertised for three community representatives to participate in this committee in September 2018 and these positions will be finalised in late September 2018. The committee will start later this year and bring together representatives from Roads and Maritime, local agencies, local businesses, community groups and Council on the final design.

Finalising the detailed design of the bridge

Work on the detailed design of the new bridge using the recommendations from the submissions report is underway.  The detailed design will be available to the community later this year.

Other early works are ongoing

John Holland started investigations of ground conditions to confirm locations of the utilities in late August. This work will be completed later this year. They have also been observing vegetation conditions and local wildlife habitats and surveying seagrass in and around the Clyde River. You may have noticed these activities along the main road way and in the area around the location of the proposed new bridge and on the Clyde River. Ongoing water quality checks have also commenced.

Environmental assessment and concept design submissions report

A Submissions Report has been released that responds to all feedback received during the display of the concept design and environmental assessment in November 2017. It will be used to help develop the detailed design of the project.

Concept Design

The concept design and features is indicative only and subject to change following completion of the Submissions Reports and once the detailed design is finalised.

View an aerial view of the concept design and features.



Review of Environmental Factors

The review of environmental factors and appendices assesses the potential environmental impacts of the proposal and identifies ways to manage them.

Environmental Impact Statement

The environmental impact statement assesses the potential environmental impacts of the proposal specifically on the coastal wetlands located within the project site.

Benefits of a new bridge

The new Batemans Bay Bridge would:

  • improve freight access by allowing larger trucks and B-double vehicles up to 26 metres in length across the Clyde River
  • replace the existing bridge that requires ongoing maintenance
  • reduce traffic delays at the Kings and Princes Highway intersection in peak periods
  • reduce economic and social impacts by removing the current lift span issues and load limit on the existing bridge.
  • Remove everyday delays due to bridge opening
  • Open up the northern and southern foreshore for recreational and commercial use.
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