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FAQs about the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade


  • The concept design for the Princes Highway upgrade between Berry and Bomaderry was completed in 2013. Detailed design for the project is currently underway and expected to be finished in early 2016. Property acquisition is also underway and will continue until 2016.
  • The submissions report identifies the issues raised during the display of the REF and provides responses to those issues. The report also describes changes made to the concept road design to minimise environmental impacts or to address issues raised during the assessment process.
  • For every submission received, where contact details have been provided, Roads and Maritime has sent a letter to the submission author detailing each individual's unique stakeholder identification number. The stakeholder ID numbers enable Roads and Maritime to protect privacy yet still allow each individual to track responses to the issues raised in their submission within the submission report.
  • The REF assesses the potential environmental, economic and social impacts associated with the proposed upgrade and recommends measures to minimise and manage any potential impacts identified.

    The REF includes specialist studies such as:

    • Flora and fauna assessments
    • Noise and vibration
    • Landscape character and visual impacts
    • Traffic and transport
    • Aboriginal and historic heritage
    • Socio-economic
    • Flooding and water quality
    • Other environmental considerations.

    Community members are able to view the review of environmental factors report and supporting documentation on the project documents page.

  • Currently there is only project funding to complete planning for the Berry to Bomaderry highway upgrade. In 2015/16 the NSW Government has provided $4.5 million for Roads and Maritime to continue planning for the highway upgrade. Prior to construction, detailed design and land acquisition need to be completed for the upgrade.
  • A property is directly 'affected' by a road project when Roads and Maritime needs to acquire or purchase part or all of the property, in order to construct the project. There are a number of ways land owners can find out if their land is required for a road project by Roads and Maritime:

    1. Roads and Maritime community information/consultation process
    2. The land owner may go to their council
    3. The land owner may approach Roads and Maritime

    For more information, view Roads and Maritime's Land acquisition information guide, February 2012 (PDF, 4.24MB).

  • Roads and Maritime has commenced negotiations with property owners who are affected by the project. For more information, view Roads and Maritime's Land acquisition information guide, February 2012 (PDF, 4.24MB) or contact the project information line.


  • In response to feedback from the community and further investigations, Roads and Maritime no longer proposes to build a combined northbound heavy vehicle rest area and heavy vehicle inspection bay at Meroo Meadow, as part of the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade.

    Roads and Maritime now plans to:

    • move the heavy vehicle inspection bay to an alternative location near Jaspers Brush (still within the Berry to Bomaderry upgrade project).
  • The upgrade will provide a four-lane median separated highway. This will restrict local road and property accesses to left-in and left-out only movements. Protected right turn bays and u-turn bays will be provided at strategic locations along the alignment to reduce impacts on travel times and provide northbound and southbound access to the highway.

    The project will also provide a grade-separated interchange at Meroo Road and Pestells Lane, a local road underpass at Morschels Lane and Devitts Lane, and a local road overpass at Strongs Road and Jaspers Brush Road.

  • Cyclist safety will be improved by increasing road shoulder widths to three metres on the highway where possible and improving line marking and signage at junctions. The overpasses and underpasses at Jaspers Brush / Strongs Road, Morschels Lane / Devitts Lane and Pestells Lane / Meroo Road will now include a one metre wide pedestrian footpath and two metre wide road shoulder for cyclists.


  • A detailed noise assessment has been carried out as part of the review of environmental factors. This assessment identified current noise levels and compares the findings with the expected traffic noise following project completion. The REF also suggests measures to mitigate noise impacts of the project.

Visual impacts

  • An urban design and landscape concept plan has been prepared to determine the visual impacts of the upgrade. The REF also suggests measures to mitigate the visual impacts of the project.
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