Community engagement

Community feedback

In May and June 2012 Roads and Maritime Services consulted local residents to help understand issues and values of importance. The consultation activities included static displays in Burrill Lake, Ulladulla and Nowra, as well as two staffed information sessions in Ulladulla.

Roads and Maritime received 49 submissions during the consultations. Feedback included:

  • Broad community support for constructing a new bridge.
  • Broad support for removing the existing causeway.
  • Concern about the potential impact of changed access arrangements on residents and small businesses on both sides of the bridge.

Further surveys of business operators and shoppers were also conducted in November 2012.

Preferred Option

In 2013, Roads and Maritime sought community feedback on the design of its then favoured option to replace the exisitng bridge immediately to the east with a new, higher bridge. Engagement methods includes:

  • Private meetings and conversations with directly affected residential and business landowners and tenants
  • Community update issued to more than 5,000 addresses
  • Emails, telephone calls and written submissions from the wider community
  • Two public community information sessions at the Burrill Lake Community Hall
  • Advertisements in the Milton-Ulladulla Times
  • Roads and Maritime Services website.

Roads and Maritime collated the feedback into a community consulation report .

What you told us and how we have responded

The major issues raised during this consultation were:

  • local street access and parking arrangements
  • pedestrian access
  • amenity issues to reduce the impact on businesses
  • urban design and landscaping
  • noise impacts and mitigation measures.

The feedback table in the community consultation report, has been updated to reflect Roads and Maritime's further investigations. This table outlines how community feedback has influenced the project.

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