River Murray (Corowa to Ovens junction) Erosion Management Plan

A multi-agency committee co-chaired by Roads and Maritime Services and the Murray Darling Basin Authority has developed a draft Erosion Management Plan to trial along the section of the River Murray between Corowa and the Ovens River junction.


Monitoring undertaken by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) over several years has identified a section of the River Murray between Corowa and the Ovens River junction as experiencing accelerated rates of bank erosion.

The River Murray Erosion Committee, which comprises NSW, Victorian and Federal representatives and local councils has been established to manage the implementation of erosion strategies presented in the draft River Murray (Corowa to Ovens River) Erosion Management Plan).

What’s in the draft Erosion Management Plan?

The draft River Murray (Corowa to Ovens River) Erosion Management Plan has been developed to address the excessive rates of erosion along with safety and amenity issues for passive waterway users identified in this section of the River.

The plan considers land and water based erosion management strategies, with key components including riverbank protection work and restrictions on high-wash boating activities.

The proposed strategies seek to address environmental and community safety needs while ensuring the community can continue to enjoy the river in a sustainable and responsible manner and minimise economic impact on the various industries directly or indirectly reliant on the river.

What’s happening now?

The committee is currently exploring the draft Plan with key stakeholders. This revised draft Plan is expected to be displayed for community feedback as soon as it’s ready. Feedback received will then be considered to finalise the Erosion Management Plan.

The final plan is expected to be trialled in 2018 for between three to five years and the results monitored closely.

Next steps

The draft Plan will be published on this website as soon as it’s finalised for community comment. There will also be public information sessions held in Albury, Corowa and Yarrawonga where the public can come to meet the committee members and find out more about the project. More information and several ways to comment will be available on this website at that time.

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