Barham Koondrook Bridge

Roads and Maritime Services, in partnership with VicRoads, is continuing the restoration of Barham Koondrook Bridge over the Murray River. The NSW and Victorian Governments are funding this $25 million essential maintenance work to ensure the bridge will continue to meet current vehicle loads and volumes, as well as the growing needs of the local and travelling community into the future.

Barham Koondrook Bridge
Barham Bridge

Updates and announcements

Project update May 2018

The restoration of Barham Koondrook Bridge is progressing well. A project update newsletter is now available explaining the work that is completed, the work underway and activities still to occur over the next few months.

View or download the May 2018 Project update (PDF, 2MB).

Timelapse video - bridge lift

Project background

Roads and Maritime has been restoring the historic lift span bridge since April 2012. The work has included mechanical repairs to the lift span and replacing the NSW approach span.

This restoration work is ensuring the bridge will continue to meet current vehicle loads and volumes, as well as the growing needs of the local and travelling community into the future. Without this work, restrictions such as load limits would have to be imposed, restricting accessibility across the river.

The Barham Koondrook Bridge is one of the oldest lift span bridges on the Murray River. It is listed on the NSW State Heritage register and has to be retained for its heritage value.

Next stages of work

The next stages of work involve: 

  • Replacing the Victorian bridge abutment (support at the end of the bridge), approach span and pier
  • Replacing the two timber truss spans and deck
  • Painting and mechanical upgrade of the lift span towers.

Pedestrian walkway

Roads and Maritime Services has received approval from the Heritage Council of New South Wales to build a pedestrian walkway on the Barham-Koondrook Bridge.

The restoration of Barham Koondrook Bridge will now include installing a new steel bridge walkway. Building a new walkway, in keeping with the heritage values of the bridge, will mean pedestrians will be completely separated from traffic.

Environmental assessment

The review of environmental factors was displayed for community comment in March 2016 and a submissions report completed.

The restoration of the Barham Koondrook Bridge was modified to include:

  • A pedestrian walkway attached to the outside of the existing upstream bridge trusses and lift span
  • Installation of lighting on the bridge
  • Installation of a lift span maintenance ladder
  • Removal of the existing bridge pathway barrier
  • Removal of a tree.

The submissions report and review of environmental factors can be viewed in project documents.

Urban design strategy

Draft urban design strategy, incorporating natural and cultural heritage interpretation

The draft urban design strategy recommends ways to preserve and enhance the heritage and cultural significance of Barham Koondrook Bridge and surrounding river landscape.

The strategy was on public display during November/December 2017. We are currently finalising the strategy.

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