Project documents

Draft urban design strategy

October 2017

Urban design strategy - drawings

October 2017

Submissions Report

May 2016

Barham-Koondrook Bridge - Truss and Victorian approach span restoration - Submissions report

Addendum Review of Environmental Factors and Appendices

May 2017

Review of Environmental Factors + Appendix A

February 2016

Appendix A: Consideration of clause 228(2) factors and matters of national environmental significance

Appendix B

February 2016

Concept design plans

Appendix C

February 2016

Background search results

Appendix D

February 2016

Aboriginal cultural heritage due diligence assessment report

Appendix E

March 2016

Aboriginal cultural heritage management plan

Appendix F

February 2016

Agency consultation responses

Appendix G

February 2016

Limited environmental assessment and waste classification report

Appendix H

February 2016

NSW biodiversity assessment

Appendix I

February 2016

Victorian biodiversity assessment

Appendix J

February 2016

Statement of heritage impact

Appendix K

February 2016

Noise and vibration assessment

Community update

July 2017

Barham Koondrook Bridge restoration work

Answers to frequently asked questions

November 2015

Community update

August 2015

Community update

Community update December 2013

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