Changes to concept design after community consultation

The concept design has been refined as a result of issues raised during the community and stakeholder consultation process. This in turn has varied the road boundaries along the route.

The main changes to the concept design are as follows:

  • The removal of the service road between Boundary Lane and Tallawong Road. Further investigations showed the expected low traffic volumes did not warrant the construction of a one kilometre long service road. Properties to the west can access the highway via a left-in, left-out movement and use median crossovers to change direction along the highway.
  • The existing highway will form the northbound rather than the southbound carriageway between Kaveneys Road and Capricorn Stud to reduce environmental impacts and move the highway away from the Boral quarry's exclusion zone.
  • New dual carriageway from north of Gooda Creek Road connecting to the bypass of Murrumbateman rather than utilising the existing highway. This will reduce impacts on the environment and small rural residential lots. The service road at this location will use part of the existing highway.
  • The inclusion of roundabouts at Euroka Avenue interchange as possible intersection arrangements to improve traffic flow and allow further design improvements during the detailed design phase of the project. The road boundaries have also been widened to allow for future north facing on and off ramps.
  • Connecting the service road from Euroka Avenue heading north, and the service road from Dundoos Estate heading south, to provide one service road linking Euroka Avenue and Murrumbateman Road. This will improve local property access and connectivity to the Murrumbateman village.
  • Adjusting the alignment of Murrumbateman Road and Hillview Road at the respective overpasses to improve road safety.
  • Providing an entry ramp to Canberra and exit ramp from Canberra at Hillview Road interchange.

Further information about changes to the concept design can be found in the preferred road corridor boundaries report.

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