Barton Highway safety works

Australian Government funding has enabled a package of safety works on the Barton Highway.

Safety work finished in November 2015 at the intersection of McIntosh Circuit and the Barton Highway. The $4.6 million project provided turning lanes on the Barton Highway and McIntosh Circuit and improved lighting.

Work also finished in November 2015 on a $1.2 million project to improve safety at the Euroka Avenue intersection with the Barton Highway.

Work included widening the shoulder on the northbound lane, building new designated turning lanes into Euroka Avenue and some vegetation removal to improve sight distance.

A $4.5 million project to realign a curve on the Barton Highway just south of Murrumbateman Road and build a turning lane for vehicles turning right into Murrumbateman Road was completed in May 2014.

Realignment of a one kilometre section of the Barton Highway at Capricorn Corner was completed in February 2010. The section was considered a high priority for safety improvements given its crash history. The five year accident history from 2000 to 2004 was seven crashes. Its existing alignment was also not consistent with a 100km/h speed environment.

The $4 million realignment of Capricorn Corner was constructed to become part of the southbound carriageway of the proposed future duplication of the highway.

Construction of 4.5 kilometres of new road at Gounyan curves to remove seven bends in the highway was completed in November 2011. The $22 million project involved constructing 4.5 kilometres of new road to remove seven bends in the highway. A 1.2 kilometre southbound overtaking lane has also been built to replace the existing northbound overtaking lane.

The new two lane road will form one carriageway of a future duplication of the Barton Highway.

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