June to August 2013

  • Completion of all bridges.
  • Finalisation of property works.
  • Concrete and asphalt paving.
  • Installation of line marking, signage, guide posts etc.
  • Final traffic switch and open to traffic.

April to May 2013

  • Completion of earthworks.
  • Traffic north of Holbrook was moved to a new section of highway, about 1.5 kilometres to the north of the connection with the original highway.
  • Noise mitigation works.
  • Concrete and asphalt paving.
  • Installation of signage, guide posts etc.
  • Topsoiling and revegetation works.

February to March 2013

  • Reconstruct the northbound carriageway south of Holbrook.
  • Concrete paving works.
  • Construction north of Holbrook, linking the new southbound sections of carriageway.
  • Installation and painting of the noise walls.
  • Installation of fauna corridor poles.
  • Landscaping and grass sowing.
  • Drainage works at both ends of the project.
  • Bulk earthworks for the Albury Street southbound on-ramp in preparation for paving work.
  • Reconstruction of Culcairn Road where it crosses the construction corridor.

September 2012 to January 2013

  • Bulk earthworks were completed.
  • Final shaping and grass sowing of the cut started.
  • The majority of drainage works were completed.
  • Asphalt paving of the southern end of the southbound carriageway was completed.
  • Work on the Wagga Road interchange was completed.
  • The bridge and Wagga Road re-opened to traffic on 16 November 2012.
  • Culcairn Road bridge works were completed.
  • Ten Mile Creek bridge works were completed.
  • Albury Street bridge works were completed.
  • Traffic was moved on to the existing northbound lane with two way traffic, about four kilometres south of Holbrook, on 1 November 2012.
  • Traffic was moved on to the new southbound carriageway (about two kilometres in length) to allow for reconstruction of the new northbound carriageway, on 7 December 2012.
  • Installation of noise wall started.
  • Work continued on the placement of selected material in pavement.
  • Concrete paving along the main alignment of the project Continued.

May to August 2012

  • Bulk earthworks.
  • Drainage works.
  • Wagga Road interchange works.
  • Abutment piling on the Culcairn Road bridge. Bridge girders placed and concrete deck completed.
  • Installation of the abutment piles and construction of the abutment headstocks on Ten Mile Creek bridge.
  • Traffic was moved onto the new section of road north of Holbrook to enable tie-in works to the new bypass to be constructed.
  • Test piling was carried out on the Albury Street southern interchange bridge. Abutment piles were installed.
  • Concrete paving continued from the northern end of the project.

January to April 2012

  • Completion of the Holbrook Tip access road.
  • Establishment of the concrete batch plant at Rocklea Falls Quarry in preparation for road paving.
  • Over 1 million m3 of earth moved along the alignment of the bypass.
  • Over 800 culvert units placed.
  • 263 nesting boxes placed in vegetation to accommodate potentially disturbed fauna such as squirrel gliders, parrots, owls and bats.
  • Completion of Wagga Road abutment piling.
  • Completion of bridge columns on 10 Mile Creek Bridge.
  • Completion of earthworks from the cut at the northern end of the project and placement of select quarry pavement materials along the northern section in preparation for concrete paving.
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