Replacement of Gee Gee Bridge

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to build a new bridge over the Wakool River on the Swan Hill to Deniliquin Road, (also known as Noorong Road), 37 kilometres east of Swan Hill. The project is part of the NSW Government’s Bridges for the Bush program, which aims to improve freight productivity in regional areas.

Review of Environmental Factors public display

We have carried out a review of environmental factors (REF) to assess the likely impacts of the proposal on the environment and to detail the protective measures to be implemented.

We are seeking community feedback on the REF until Monday 14 August 2017.

Display locations

The REF will be on display from Monday 17 July until Monday 14 August 2017 between 9am and 5pm at:

  • Murray River Council Moulamein office
    20 Tualka Terrace, Moulamein
  • Murray River Council Barham office
    15 Murray Street, Barham
  • Murray Downs Golf & Country Club
    100 Murray Downs Drive, Murray Downs                                   

View or download the REF report and appendices.

How can you give feedback?

  • Email:
  • Mail: Roads and Maritime Services, Senior Project Development Officer Dean Howard
    PO Box 484, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Further information is available by contacting Dean Howard on 6923 6521 or email

Project background

Gee Gee Bridge was built in 1929. It is a Dare type timber truss bridge and is listed on the State Heritage Register. The bridge has a single traffic lane and vehicles give way to oncoming traffic.

The bridge has been identified for replacement under the Timber Truss Bridge Strategy, which was endorsed by the Heritage Council of NSW in August 2012.

Key features of the proposal include:

  • A new two-lane concrete bridge across the Wakool River and floodplain, 15 to 20 metres downstream (north) of the existing Gee Gee Bridge and flood relief bridge. The bridge would have a length of about 245 metres
  • Realigning about 1.4 kilometres of Noorong Road
  • Demolishing and removing the existing Gee Gee Bridge and flood relief bridge
  • A new rest area near the southern end of the existing bridge.

Noorong Road links Deniliquin in NSW and Swan Hill in Victoria, and has been identified as a strategic freight route in NSW. It is also an alternative freight route between Wagga Wagga in NSW and Swan Hill.

The existing Gee Gee Bridge and flood relief bridge restrict traffic because they do not meet current road design standards. The existing bridges:

  • Are narrow, with one lane, and vehicles must give way to oncoming traffic
  • Are not suitable for higher mass limit vehicles (HML) or oversized vehicles
  • Cannot be upgraded to meet the future operational needs of Noorong Road.

The proposal is required to meet current road design standards, remove traffic restrictions and improve road safety.

The project

Roads and Maritime would manage the construction and demolition of the existing Gee Gee Bridge and flood relief bridge. Murray River Council would manage the construction of the approach roads on behalf of Roads and Maritime. The bridge would become a council asset when it is finished.

As part of the project, Roads and Maritime is working with the Office of Environment and Heritage to seek approval to demolish the existing bridge.

What is happening now?

Roads and Maritime and council have almost completed planning for a new bridge. This planning involves choosing a location, completing bridge designs and carrying out environmental assessment. It is likely the bridge would be built next to the existing bridge as it provides the most direct route across the river and has minimal environmental impact.

What happens next?

Once planning is finished, the project approved and funding confirmed, the tender for construction would be advertised and a contract awarded. The planning process is expected to continue until early 2018. It is expected the project would be finished in late 2020.

Keeping you informed

Roads and Maritime will provide information about the project as planning continues.

Future maintenance work on the existing bridge

Maintenance work will need to continue on the existing bridge to ensure it continues to service the area. Roads and Maritime will provide advice on impacts to traffic from bridge maintenance as required. No work is currently planned.

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