Swan Hill Bridge maintenance work

The NSW and Victorian Governments are funding work to improve safety for motorists and reduce future maintenance requirements.

Roads and Maritime Services has been working to remove the temporary support structures (bailey) and install external support structures (bridge trusses).

This work will remove the 3.1 metre width restriction currently in place. View the video animation for more information.

Updates and announcements

Maintenance work on Swan Hill Bridge to resume in 2019

Maintenance work was stopped in October 2018 to avoid impacting harvest season.

Unfortunately work to install the external support structures has progressed slowly as the complexity of the steel and timber repairs on the 120 year old bridge has been much greater than expected.

Work started in March 2018 and involved strengthening piers two and three, installing a new monorail on the underside of the bridge and improving safety on the pedestrian walkway.

We are expecting to return in early 2019 to finish installing the external support structures. More information will be provided when the works program is finalised.

We thank the community for their cooperation and patience during work on the bridge.

Motorists are reminded the bridge continues to operate at General Mass Limits only, which is 42.5 tonnes for semi trucks and 62.5 for B doubles, with a 3.1 metre width restriction in place.

Restrictions to heavy vehicle configurations during maintenance work

There will be no further restrictions to heavy vehicles as previously advised. However restrictions to heavy vehicle configurations will need to be in place when we return next year. Further information will be provided to the local freight industry in early 2019.

We will continue to monitor the bridge’s load capacity with sensors and cameras on the bridge. Heavy vehicle inspectors will also continue to monitor heavy vehicle compliance.

Work completed

Essential maintenance work on Swan Hill Bridge was completed in October 2016.

The work involved installing temporary support structures (bailey) on the NSW side to adequately strengthen the bridge for expected increased loading over the harvest season.

Trees that posed a risk of falling onto the bridge and reduced the visibility for motorists were also removed.

Temporary support structures (bailey) were installed on the Victorian side of the bridge in October 2015. Work included installing a temporary pedestrian walkway.


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