West Wyalong heavy vehicle alternative route

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the West Wyalong heavy vehicle alternative route to improve safety and meet the demands of the increasing amount of freight being carried on the Newell Highway.

Updates and announcements

Work is now under way on the final stage of the West Wyalong Heavy Vehicle Alternative Route.

This stage involves reconstructing and widening the railway crossings and approach roads on the Mid Western and Newell highways.

Planned road closures at the railway crossings will take place on the Newell Highway from 6am on Wednesday 13 June to 6pm on Friday 15 June and on the Mid Western Highway from 6am on Sunday 17 June to 10pm on Tuesday 19 June 2018.

During this work, there will be construction noise and extra vehicle and heavy machinery movements in the area. For further enquiries on the railway crossing works, please contact 1300 661 390 or email crn.enquiry@jhg.com.au.

Work is carried out weekdays from 7am to 6pm and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm, weather permitting, and is expected to be completed by mid-July 2018

Project background

The West Wyalong heavy vehicle alternative route was initially set up by Bland Shire Council as a local heavy vehicle bypass. In 2010 the route became a State Road with the aim to help remove heavy vehicles from the main street (Newell Highway) of West Wyalong.

Roads and Maritime funds and maintains both the Newell Highway through West Wyalong and the heavy vehicle alternative route.

The West Wyalong heavy vehicle alternative route will be upgraded in sections over a number of years as funding becomes available. It will stay on the same route it is on now.

Why are we doing the work?

The amount of freight on the Melbourne to Brisbane corridor (Newell Highway) will continue to increase and the West Wyalong heavy vehicle alternative route needs to be upgraded to meet that demand.

The heavy vehicle alternative route has a mix of through traffic, heavy vehicles and local traffic and includes five railway level crossings and fifteen intersections. Residential areas also surround the road.

The work will improve road safety by widening the road, strengthening the road surface, improving the drainage and improving the layout of intersections. Once the whole length is complete, it will allow the use of Higher Productivity Vehicles. These vehicles can be longer and carry heavier loads.

Project benefits

The key benefits of the upgrade to the community:

  • Reduced conflict between local traffic and heavy vehicles
  • Improved safety at intersections for turning vehicles
  • Improved freight capacity
  • No through traffic on Green Street and Old Hospital Road.

What work have we done?

In early 2015 Roads and Maritime carried out drainage improvements over an 800 metre length on Compton Road and constructed a new access into the Grain Corp Silo. Road strengthening, widening and improving turning movements at the Central Road intersection were carried out in late 2015.

Work on Compton Road, from near Fred Kalms Road to just before the Newell Highway intersection (850 metre length), was completed in early 2016 and involved road strengthening, providing wider lanes and shoulders, improving drainage and improving turning movements at Fred Kalms Road intersection.

Work on Showground Road was completed in mid-2016 and involved road strengthening, widening and drainage work as well as improvements to a number of intersections for turning vehicles. This included the permanent closure of some intersections.

Widening of a large culvert at the northern end of Compton road was completed in early 2017. This work included intersection improvement, road widening and road strengthening.

Work on the railway crossing at Showground Road and Compton Road and approaches was completed in mid-2017. This work involved flattening the approaches of the railway crossing, widening the railway crossing, installation of new street lighting and reconstruction to provide a smoother, safer road.

What are we doing now?

The final stage is now under way, which signals the end of the $15 million heavy vehicle alternate route upgrade.

Work is expected to be completed in mid-2018.

Changes to intersections

To reduce the potential for accidents and significantly improve road safety, the work on Showground Road included permanently closing four local intersections which includes two railway level crossings. The remaining intersections have been upgraded.

Completed work includes:

  • Permanent closure of Boltes Lane north access to Showground Road and removal of the un-signalised railway crossing. Access to Showground Road is via Church Street
  • Permanent closure of Airport Road access to Showground Road. Access to Showground Road is via Boltes Lane South
  • Permanent closure of Green Street access to Showground Road and construction of a cul-de-sac. Access to Showground Road is via Bellarwi Road
  • Permanent closure of Old Hospital Road access to Showground Road and construction of a cul-de-sac. Closure of the railway crossing to vehicles. Access to Showground Road is via Railway Road or Church Street
  • Upgrades to Boltes Lane, Church Street and Bellarwai Road intersections for right turning vehicles from Showground Road.

View or download the project map.

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