Parramatta Road & Shaftesbury Road, Concord

The NSW Government is funding this project as part of its $225 million Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney's main roads particularly during week day peak periods.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime sought feedback from the community and stakeholders in December 2016. A review of environmental factors (PDF, 4.42Mb) was placed on public display for the proposed improvements at the intersection of Parramatta Road and Shaftesbury Road, Concord. We also held an information session for the community.

A Submissions Report (PDF, 2.19Mb) summarising comments and responses for the proposed improvements is now available and a project update (PDF, 578Kb) was distributed to the community in June.

What will the work include?

The work will include:

  • Providing an additional eastbound right turn lane on Parramatta Road into Shaftesbury Road
  • Widening Parramatta Road on the northern side and Shaftesbury Road on the western side for the additional right turn lane
  • Realigning the footpath on Parramatta Road and Shaftesbury Road
  • Removing about 25 trees along the front of Concord Oval with landscaping and replanting, that is to be decided in consultation with the City of Canada Bay Council.
  • Upgrading traffic lights and drainage
  • Relocating services
  • Removing and replacing asphalt and lane markings
  • Landscaping.

Project objective and benefits

The project is part of the NSW Government’s $225 million Pinch Point Program which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Sydney’s main roads particularly during week day peak periods.

The project will:

  • Reduce congestion and improve travel times on Parramatta Road
  • Increase the capacity for vehicles turning right into Shaftesbury Road.

Community consultation

During May and June 2016, Roads and Maritime consulted with the community on the proposed intersection improvement. We received comments from 14 people, raising 83 matters, with the majority of comments relating to the background of the proposal and congestion in the wider Burwood/Concord area.

In response to concerns raised during consultation and to indicate proposed changes to the project’s scope, Roads and Maritime displayed the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to allow for further comment from the community.

Roads and Maritime held a Community Information Session, in order for community members to discuss the proposal with the project team. The REF was also on display at a number of locations, in addition to being available on this website.

What happens next?

We will proceed with the detailed design of this project. Construction work is scheduled to start in 2018.

We will provide the community and stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on the construction schedule at a later date.

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