Cyclist Access

On average, more than 1600 cyclist trips are taken across the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway every weekday. That makes the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway the busiest link in the Metro Sydney Bike Network.

Cyclists on the cycleway of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cycleways and the NSW Bike Plan

Roads and Maritime aims to provide Sydney cyclists with a safe, enjoyable cycle network. The identified new bike path projects will encourage greater use of bicycles throughout Sydney. Following the success of the Naremburn Cycleway linking North Ryde to Naremburn which increased cycle commuter figures across the bridge by 60 percent, further improvements to cycle routes that connect to the bridge are planned. Funding was provided under the Metropolitan Transport Plan (2010) and it supports the NSW State Plan (2010) objective to increase community cycling.

The plan is not only about building new places to ride a bike. It is also about promoting cycling as a mainstream means of transport for everyday use. The NSW Government is investing in numerous initiatives to encourage cycling, which focus on giving people the skills and information to get around NSW cities and towns using this sustainable transport mode. Find more information in the Bicycles section.

North Shore Link Cycleway

The North Shore Link Cycleway connecting from the Naremburn Cycleway to the Sydney Harbour Bridge is identified in the NSW Government’s 'Sydney's Cycling Future' strategy document as a major missing link in the Metro Sydney Bike Network.

The first stage of this project involves the design of a dedicated cycle route to connect the present ending point of the cycleway at Merrenburn Avenue, Naremburn to the existing pedestrian/cycle bridge at Ridge Street, North Sydney. Early works have already been built as part of the Warringah Freeway Bus Layover and the Falcon Street pedestrian and cyclist facilities projects at Cammeray. Later stages of the North Shore Link Cycleway project would respond to the 'HarbourLink' community idea, connecting North Sydney to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway.

In partnership with Roads and Maritime Services, in 2009 North Sydney Council commissioned an in-depth study of the costs and benefits of staged completion of the North Shore Cycleway.

Inner Sydney regional bicycle network report

In 2010, the City of Sydney commissioned independent research to quantify the economic benefits of the proposed Inner Sydney Regional Bike Network. See City of Sydney for more information.

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