Sydney Harbour Bridge access projects

To ensure everyone can access the historic Sydney landmark, the NSW Government is planning to make it easier for all people to use the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The new pedestrian access lifts will be installed at the southern and northern ends of the existing 1.6km walkway on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Artist’s impression of the Sydney Harbour Bridge cyclist access projects.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services will continue to carry out scheduled maintenance on the Sydney Harbour Bridge walkway and cycleway.

To minimise the inconvenience to cyclists and pedestrians, we will continue to carry out this work on one night per month only.

Work on the cycleway will be scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month, weather permitting.

Work on the walkway will be scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month, weather permitting.

Our working hours will be from 9.30pm to 4am.

June cycleway closure

Due to the Vivid Festival, the planned cycleway closure for June only will happen on the fourth Wednesday, instead of the second. The June cycleway closure will be carried out on Wednesday 28 June from 9.30pm to 4am.

View or download the June 2017 notification (PDF, 433Kb) for more information.

Improving access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an important part of modernising and maintaining this iconic structure.

Current and future access provisions include:

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Improved access for cyclists

Access lifts

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