Sydney Harbour Bridge precinct

Roads and Maritime has a coordinated approach to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Updates and announcements

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay announced on 7 December 2016, the NSW Government is planning two new projects to improve cyclist access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway for the 1900 cyclists who travel across the Bridge each day. For more information, visit access projects.


In all the work required to look after, improve and adapt the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the needs of a modern city, Roads and Maritime is committed to preserving the beauty and character of the structure and its setting.

Urban design, traffic, pedestrian, public transport, safety and maintenance projects all work together to support an average of 204 trains, 160,435 vehicles and 1,650 bikes per day (based on September 2010 traffic count figures).

Roads and Maritime continues to update customers on work being carried out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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