Sydney Harbour Bridge 3D simulation software

Roads and Maritime Services’ game changing software is now in use across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge and the Circular Quay viaduct to provide a stronger, longer lasting and safer bridge.

A computer generated image of the south pylon created by the 3D simulation software

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime’s 3D software has been licensed to Brisbane City Council.

Behind the software

This innovative tool was developed by Roads and Maritime staff in the Spatial Information Systems Unit to create a three dimensional model of the entire Sydney Harbour Bridge

This software is called the Bridge and Asset Spatial Information System (BAASIS). The system provides detailed condition ratings of individual bridge components, linking the database with each component that makes up the bridge structure to produce in-depth reports. This assists in the planning of work and monitoring of performance.

The software provides information on almost 3,500 individual bridge components including condition reports, structural assessments and photographs of components.

The system and has the ability to generate reports and run asset management diagnostics for past and planned maintenance on the bridge. The three dimensional model offers a virtual tour of each component of the bridge.

The condition report of each component can be immediately visualised through the use of colour-coded 'condition ratings'. Inspection reports produced are able to detail conditions of:

  • Segment coating
  • Corrosion
  • Contaminants
  • Defects.

The overall condition of the bridge can be displayed easily on a single image that can be zoomed in and rotated around, providing an accurate model of the structure.

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