Berrys Bay proposed maritime precinct

Berrys Bay is located on the eastern side of the Waverton Peninsula in the North Sydney local government area. The bay has been used for port and maritime industry uses since the late 19th century.

Views over Berrys Bay.

Roads and Maritime Services and Government Property NSW own a 4.3 hectare portion of land and water on the western shore of Berrys Bay. Government Property NSW owns 1.6 ha of land covering the lower section of former BP oil terminal and the former Woodleys Shipyard. This land is zoned for waterfront maritime use. Roads and Maritime Services owns the 3.5ha of adjacent water area in Berrys Bay which has been set aside for over-water development.

Current status of proposed development

Pacifica Development is currently investigating options for a revised DA and if lodged will be assessed in accordance with the appropriate DA process by North Sydney Council.

The development application will be determined by the Greater Sydney Comission. Community consultation is an important part of the process. As part of a broader community engagement strategy, Berrys Bay Marina Company has convened a community reference group (CRG). The CRG provides a consultation forum for community and stakeholder representatives throughout the planning, public exhibition, potential construction and commissioning phases of the project.

Project background

Roads and Maritime and Government Property NSW entered into an agreement to lease with Berrys Bay Marina Company (formerly known as Meridien Marinas) to develop a maritime precinct at this site. The agreement for lease sets out the conditions Berrys Bay Marina Company must adhere to before they can be granted a formal lease for the site. It is one of the first steps in the planning process for the site.

The proposed development includes:

  • A marina facility
  • Dry vessel storage
  • A vessel workshop area
  • A public car park
  • Improved public foreshore access
  • Open recreational space, including an playground and picnic area
  • Space for maritime businesses such as a ships chandlery
  • Space for food retail outlets such as a cafe or restaurant

Heritage items such as the Woodleys Shipyard shed and the existing quay line are proposed to be retained as part of the proposal.

Roads and Maritime and Government Property NSW seek to ensure the site is improved for maritime and public recreational use.

Our objectives for the site are that future development must:

  • Address contemporary maritime needs, particularly the demand for vessel storage on Sydney's north shore
  • Improve the site's amenity
  • Improve public access to the site, especially the foreshore
  • Integrate maritime, open public space and heritage uses
  • Comply with existing legislation including the North Sydney Council Local.

Project history

  • May 2016: The DA submitted by Berrys Bay Marina Company was rejected by the Joint Regional Planning Panel.
  • July – September 2015: Pacifica submitted the DA for the proposal which was publicly exhibited by North Sydney Council in August 2015. The feedback closed on 7 September 2015.
  • September 2013: Pacifica Developments has so far convened a number of community reference group (CRG) meetings and a site visit. Feedback from the CRG is being incorporated into the concept designs as the CRG consultation process continues. The next stage will be the preparation of the development application, including detailed planning and studies, based on this design.
  • May 2013: Roads and Maritime and Pacifica Developments signed an agreement for lease which sets out the conditions that must be fulfilled before a formal lease is granted for the site. The revised concept designs will be displayed for public and stakeholder comment as part of the application approval process.
  • 2011 to 2013: Meridien, now known as Pacifica Developments, responded to community feedback and are working on revised concept designs for the site. The revised concept designs will be displayed for public and stakeholder comment.
  • October 2010: A public meeting was organised by the Waverton Precinct Committee in objection to Meridien's concept designs for the site. About 300 people attended including representatives from North Sydney Council and the Waverton Precinct Committee. Community and stakeholder objection was mainly related to the size and scale of buildings in this iteration of the concept design.
  • December 2007: NSW Maritime and the State Property Authority (now known as Roads and Maritime Services and Government Property NSW) sought expressions of interest from the private sector to develop the Berrys Bay site as a maritime precinct. Meridien Marinas were selected as the preferred proponent.

 Agreement for Lease sites

Aerial black and white photo of Berrys Bay with outlines of Agreement for Lease sites
Berrys Bay Agreement for Lease sites
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