Castle Hill - Showground Road

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading Showground Road between Carrington Road and Old Northern Road, Castle Hill from a two lane to a four lane divided road to reduce congestion and increase traffic capacity to meet predicted growth from development in the area.

Roads and Maritime engaged Seymour Whyte Constructions as the contractor to deliver this critical upgrade. Major construction started in late May 2016.

Updates and announcements

Working towards the finish line

As we move closer to the finish line, we will be carrying out some of the following activities:

  • upgrading the Rowallan Avenue intersection
  • installing and relocating barriers and signage
  • installing and relocating utilities
  • road widening and construction of eastbound new pavements
  • constructing the median strip
  • asphalting and line marking
  • building the new footpath
  • installing traffic signals
  • landscaping.

To minimise the impact to road users and residents this work will take place at night. Night work will be carried out from Thursday 5 April to Thursday 31 May between 8pm to 5am, weather permitting.

There will be up to five night shifts per week, with no more than three consecutive night shifts carried out in the same location.

Day time work will continue. Our day time working hours are between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday and between 7am and 1pm on Saturday, excluding public holidays.

Traffic changes – During this work, the following additional traffic changes will be in place to ensure the work zone is safe:

  • the speed will be reduced to 40km/h through the construction zone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Traffic control and signage will be in place
  • barriers will be placed along Showground Road to provide a buffer between live traffic and construction workers
  • parking restrictions will also be in place with closures of the Showground Road shoulders.

We will continue to keep you informed at key stages of the project.

What happened in 2017?

We were busy in 2017 and completed some major milestones of this important project. Many of the construction activities centred around relocating and upgrading services and utilities as well as the completion of the westbound side of Showground Road.

Major milestones completed in 2017 include:

  • completing the westbound side of Showground Road and traffic being switched to the new widened westbound lanes between Cheriton Avenue and Carrington Road
  • landscaping and footpath work is also completed for the length of the westbound side
  • Cecil Avenue at the intersection of Showground Road has been reopened to traffic
  • installing of underground electrical high voltage cables
  • completing the relocation of watermains except minor adjustments to valves and hydrants at Rowallan Ave and Cheriton Road.

Key features

  • Widening of Showground Road to at least four lanes between Carrington Road and Old Northern Road with additional turning lanes at key intersections
  • Upgrading the intersection of Showground Road and Pennant Street to include additional turning lanes and a bus priority measure
  • Installing new traffic lights at the intersections of Showground Road with Rowallan Avenue and Cheriton Avenue
  • Changing the intersection of Showground Road and Britannia Road to left-in/left-out access
  • Installing a central concrete median with landscaped planter bays at a number of locations along the road
  • Providing a concrete footpath to both sides of the road between Carrington Road and Pennant Street.

Key benefits

The benefits of the project include:

  • Reducing congestion
  • Increasing traffic capacity to meet the predicted growth from development in the area
  • Improving safety at several intersections.

Construction hours

Construction will generally be carried out during standard construction hours including 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and occasionally on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm, weather permitting. Work will need to be carried out at night to maintain safety measures, lessen impacts on the road network and maintain the service continuity of utilities when they are being relocated. Residents and businesses will be notified in advance of any night work.

Bus stops

To minimise delays to bus services and ensure the safety of bus customers, some bus stops along Showground Road will be temporarily unavailable during construction. Bus stops will be relocated as construction progresses and we will notify you before any changes.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access will be maintained along Showground Road throughout construction.

Mobility scooters and cyclists

Mobility scooters and cyclists are encouraged to use Castle Street – which runs parallel and the north of Showground Road – to access Pennant Street and Old Northern Road.

HSC students

Students studying for the HSC who live near Showground Road upgrade work are encouraged to contact us to discuss study sensitivities and the road work schedule including noise, night work and traffic delays associated with the work. We will make every effort to minimise noise, including ensuring our work program allows opportunities for respite.

Voluntary Planning Agreement

In September 2013, a Voluntary Planning Agreement for the Showground Road widening was formally executed by Roads and Maritime, The Hills Shire Council and the developer of Castle Towers Shopping Centre, QIC. A second Voluntary Planning Agreement is currently being finalised resulting from changes during the detailed design phase of the project.

Community engagement

We consulted with the community and stakeholders on the concept design and Review of Environmental Factors in March 2014. We received 16 submissions and overall there was support for the upgrade.

Changes to the project

Some changes to the project were made during the detailed design phase and an addendum Review of Environmental Factors was prepared. The following changes have been made to the project:

  • Hills Shire Council has agreed that access between Showground Road and Kentwell Avenue be closed pending the future development of the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) land to the north
  • Changes to the southern end of Kentwell Avenue have also been made to allow garbage trucks and emergency services vehicles to turn around. The traffic lights at the intersection of Showground Road and Cheriton Avenue will still allow access into and out of Cheriton Avenue
  • Access from Cecil Avenue into Rowallan Avenue is currently difficult due to the large volume of through traffic along Showground Road which limits the dog‑leg movement through this intersection. This manoeuvre will be banned. The addition of a new westbound lane on Showground Road will make this movement unsafe. As a result, motorists are to use the intersection of Showground Road and Cheriton Avenue to access the right turn lane from Showground Road into Rowallan Avenue
  • Removing bus priority measures in the eastbound direction at the intersections of Showground Road with Kentwell Avenue and Pennant Street pending the future development of the QIC land to the north
  • Providing site office / compound locations including:
    • Castle Hill Showground will be used for a site office, worker amenities, storage of plant and equipment and minor stockpiling
    • QIC construction land near Kentwell Avenue pending the resolution of the Voluntary Planning Agreement between Roads and Maritime, Hills Shire Council and QIC
  • Any clean, excess spoil from construction will be stockpiled at 10 Balmoral Road, Kellyville for the Hills Shire Council to use at the site. Fourteen trees on the site will be removed to allow safe heavy vehicle access and for storage of material
  • Fencing will be installed to secure the site
  • Due to the narrow corridor width, we will now be providing a two metre wide footpath instead of a 2.5 metre wide shared path on the northern side of Showground Road, between Carrington Road and Pennant Street. The Hills Shire Council will consider options for connectivity between their shared paths as development continues along the corridor which may allow for a wider pathway in the future
  • Final bus stop locations have been moved slightly to allow buses to stop safely within the road shoulders. Two new temporary bus stops on Showground Road, west of Carrington Road will be installed during construction to improve access to bus services on the western part of Showground Road. Bus stops will need to be consolidated during construction. Please refer to the map for the updated temporary bus stop locations
  • Removal of 15 additional trees on private property likely to be affected by construction. Additional trees on Showground Road will require supervision by an arborist during construction and utility trenching to confirm if they can be retained
  • Reconnection of power to nearby properties using private poles.

Further information on the design changes is available in the addendum Review of Environmental Factors which is available on the project documents page.

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