Improvements on Galston Road, Hornsby Heights to Galston

Roads and Maritime Services is improving Galston Road to improve safety and maintain efficiency on the state road network.

Galston Gorge, Hornsby Heights, Galston
Galston Gorge, Hornsby Heights, Galston

Updates and announcements

Heavy vehicle U-turn bay

Roads and Maritime is providing a U-turn bay for heavy vehicles on the eastern side of Galston Gorge, between Ryan Trail and Evans Road.

For more information view or download the mid October 13 Project update (PDF, 357Kb).


Galston Road is a strategic road corridor linking Hornsby, Galston and the North West Sydney suburbs. The road provides a direct link for vehicles travelling on the Pacific Highway north of Sydney to the western suburbs bypassing the highly-congested Pennant Hills Road corridor.

Galston Road passes through Galston Gorge which is notorious for its steep inclines and multiple hairpin bends. Because of this, heavy vehicles and buses that are 7.5 metres in length or more are prohibited from entering Galston Gorge and considered overlength.

Heavy vehicles and buses that are 7.5 metres in length are subject to enforcement action under the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2008 Rule 104 and 106(2).

Light vehicle combinations that include cars carrying trailers, boats or horse floats that exceed 7.5 metres are permitted to enter Galston Gorge. However, light vehicle combinations are reminded that vehicle combinations above 11 metres are unlikely to be able to navigating the tight bends in the Gorge based on recent surveys.

Drivers of overlength heavy vehicles and buses cautioned that they may be directed (by Satellite Navigation Systems) to use this corridor as a more direct route.

An increasing number of incidents over the past few years have resulted in Roads and Maritime Services implementing several measures to improve safety on Galston Road and deter overlength heavy vehicles and buses from entering the Gorge.

Multiple signs have been installed on both sides of the Gorge along with a vehicle detection system and vehicle activated variable message signs (VMS). These signs will be updated to advise motorists that light vehicle combinations over 7.5 metres are not affected.

These measures have helped to substantially lower the number of overlength heavy vehicles and buses using the corridor to avoid Pennant Hills Road.

Additional improvements are being implemented for both sides of Galston Gorge. This will build on previous work to improve the road for motorists and the community.

Key features

The key features of the project include:

  • Improving and supplementing the existing infrastructure at both ends of Galston Gorge by installing  a camera based detection system
  • Providing safe turning options on the eastern side of the Gorge, between Ryan Trail and Evans Road
  • Slope and drain improvements on Galston Road between Calderwood Road and Berowra Creek
  • Safety improvements at the bend of Galston Road, starting 150 metres west of Montview Parade.


The key benefits to the community include:

  • Minimise the number of overlength heavy vehicles and buses entering the Gorge and getting stuck
  • Improve safe turning options for overlength vehicles
  • Minimising closures of the Gorge while stuck overlength heavy vehicles and buses are cleared
  • Improved safety for all road users on the approach to Galston Gorge in Hornsby Heights.

Next steps

The following work will be done to provide a U-turn bay:

  • Improving and widening road surface between Ryan Trail and Evans Road
  • Tree trimming and removal of one tree at the entrance of Ryan trail to improve visibility of turning option from Galston Road
  • Installation of guardrail along Galston Road at the entrance of the eastern turning option at Ryan trail and at the camera based detection system on the western side of the Gorge after Calderwood Road
  • Installation of signage at both ends of Galston Gorge to advise motorists of turning options.

We will be back on site for 20 shifts between 23 October and Friday 22 December, weather permitting.

Our work hours will be from 7am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

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