Mona Vale to Macquarie Park Corridor Strategy

Roads and Maritime Services prepared a corridor strategy in 2009 for the area from Mona Vale to Macquarie Park. This strategy identifies short term and longer term priorities for Mona Vale Road and Ryde Roads, which are the key routes within this corridor. These priorities are based on a process of identifying the existing deficiencies in the road network and identifying likely future changes in the corridor that would also impact the performance of the network.

Project background

All organisations responsible for large and complex infrastructure systems are challenged by how to best manage and enhance these systems to maximise benefits to the community. Networks include road, rail, water, air, sea and telecommunications systems at national, state and local levels.

A way of working through this complexity is to undertake network and corridor planning to:

  • Identify existing and anticipated performance issues
  • Determine relative work priorities
  • Develop appropriate strategies to address these over the longer term.

Roads and Maritime’s Network and Corridor Planning Practice Notes (2008) improve our planning efforts to coordinate works to deliver benefits to the community. Recognising the need to prioritise how we invest in the road network, corridor strategies help guide Roads and Maritime’s future investment decisions.

Mona Vale to Macquarie Park Corridor

The Mona Vale to Macquarie Park Corridor, Mona Vale and Ryde Roads is 24km in length. Mona Vale Road serves a population of 80,000 and 34,000 jobs in an area expected to continue to grow.

The strategy recognises the importance of Mona Vale Road within the corridor as the primary route through the region linking the recreational attractions of the Northern Beaches, the Ku-ring-gai Chase and Garigal National Parks with the rapidly expanding Macquarie business park and University.

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