About this project

The NSW Government is investing $500 million to upgrade the roads around the new Northern Beaches Hospital with work proposed to be completed in 2018.

The upgrades will provide customers with a better travel experience, increased capacity on the road network and improved access through the area, including for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project approvals

The project received planning approval in two stages. The first stage to improve connectivity to the new hospital and carry out early preparation work for the road upgrade was received on 29 June 2015. Planning approval for the final stage to enhance the local road network was approved on 25 February 2016.

Planning approval was provided in accordance with Part 5.1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Further information on the project’s approval is available on the project documents page or NSW Department for Planning and Environment’s website.

Key features

Forest Way, Naree Road and Frenchs Forest Road

  • Widening Naree Road/Frenchs Forest Road West from two to four lanes
  • Widening Frenchs Forest Road East from Wakehurst Parkway to Allambie Road from two lanes to four lanes
  • Upgrading the existing bus bay fronting the Forestway Shopping Centre on Forest Way to allow two buses to stop within the bay
  • Widening and intersection upgrades along sections of Forest Way between Warringah Road and south of Adams Street, including providing a right turn bay for traffic turning from Forest Way into Naree Road
  • New traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossings at the intersections of:
    • Forest Way and Naree Road
    • Naree Road, Rabbett Street and Frenchs Forest Road West
    • Frenchs Forest Road West and the new access to the hospital opposite Gladys Avenue
    • Frenchs Forest Road East and Romford Road
    • Frenchs Forest Road East, Patanga Road and Allambie Road
  • Widening and upgrading the intersection of Frenchs Forest Road with Wakehurst Parkway
  • Widening Wakehurst Parkway from about 330 metres north of the intersection with Frenchs Forest Road to the intersection with Warringah Road
  • New bus priority lanes along approaches and departures to the Frenchs Forest Road intersection with Wakehurst Parkway
  • Improvements to the intersection at Frenchs Forest Road East and Nandi Avenue, allowing left and right turns
  • Widening Allambie Road to the north of the intersection with Warringah Road to include additional turning lanes into Frenchs Forest Road East from Allambie Road
  • Widening and upgrading the intersection of Warringah Road and Allambie Road
  • Widening Warringah Road from around 700 metres east of the intersection with Allambie Road and Courtley Street
  • New traffic lights, to be triggered by buses only, to enable buses to cross the eastbound lanes of Warringah Road to enter Frenchs Forest Road East from the median lane on Warringah Road in the westbound direction
  • A left-in and left-out access on Warringah Road opposite Hilmer Street to provide an additional access point to the hospital
  • Retain keep clear at Bantry Bay Lane.

Warringah Road

  • Providing four through lanes on Warringah Road (two lanes in each direction) within a grade separated underpass (open slot) for about 1.3 kilometres. The underpass would be below ground level and below the intersections with Forest Way, Hilmer Street and Wakehurst Parkway
  • Providing entry and exit points to and from the underpass at:
    • Warringah Road near Fitzpatrick Avenue East (western side)
    • Warringah Road about 350 metres east of the Wakehurst Parkway grade separated intersection (eastern side)
    • Providing a two-lane on-ramp (merging into one lane) from Wakehurst Parkway (southbound) into the underpass (westbound).
  • Upgrading surface-level lanes along Warringah Road on either side of the underpass
  • Traffic using the Warringah Road underpass would travel below the intersections with Forest Way, Hilmer Street and Wakehurst Parkway. These intersections would form a surface level bridge for local access
  • Upgrading/adjusting existing intersections of Warringah Road with Fitzpatrick Avenue East, Rodborough Road and Allambie Road.

Other road upgrades

  • Widening Wakehurst Parkway from the intersection of Warringah Road to south of Aquatic Drive
  • Providing a new connection at Aquatic Drive including the following movements:
    • Right in from Wakehurst Parkway (northbound)
    • Left in from Wakehurst Parkway (southbound)
    • Left out from Aquatic Drive onto Wakehurst Parkway (southbound).

Upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Providing new shared bridges (pedestrian and cyclist):
    • Across Warringah Road west of the intersection of Forest Way (removal and replacement of the existing pedestrian bridge)
    • Across Warringah Road on the western side of the intersection with Hilmer Street (new bridge)
  • Removing the existing pedestrian crossing on Warringah Road at Hilmer Street
  • Providing shared paths (pedestrian and cyclist) and footpaths on sections of Warringah Road, Wakehurst Parkway, Forest Way, Aquatic Drive and Allambie Road.
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