Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade project

The NSW Government is investing $500 million to upgrade the roads around the new Northern Beaches Hospital with work proposed to be completed in time for the hospital opening in 2018.

The upgrades will provide customers with a better travel experience, increased capacity on the road network and improved access through the area, including for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ferrovial York Joint Venture (FYJV) has been engaged by Roads and Maritime to carry out the project.

The streets surrounding Northern Beaches Hospital

Project update

Construction work is underway including:

  • Surveying, geotechnical investigations, drainage inspections and locating services and utilities
  • Relocating utilities and services, eg, electricity, water, sewer, gas and telecomunication
  • Clearing trees and vegetation
  • Establishing additional site compounds and work sites
  • Remediating the 7-Eleven service station site on Warringah Road
  • Demolishing the properties on Warringah Road and Hilmer Street, and the Bantry Bay shops, that have been acquired for the project
  • Installing environmental controls
  • Removing existing kerbs, footpaths, road barriers and median strips
  • Property adjustment work
  • Building retaining walls

Construction hours

Our standard construction hours are 7am to 6pm on weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Due to the high volume of traffic and pedestrians in the area, some of the work on this project will be carried out at night for safety reasons and to limit the impact on the road network.

Key features

  • Widening Frenchs Forest Road from two to four lanes between Forest Way and Allambie Road, including new traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossings at key intersections
  • Widening and upgrading the intersection of Frenchs Forest Road with Wakehurst Parkway wich will allow a right turn from Wakehurst Parkway into French Forest Road West to access the new hospital
  • Widening and intersection upgrades along sections of Forest Way between Warringah Road and south of Adams Street, including a right turn bay for traffic turning from Forest Way into Naree Road
  • Providing an additional four lanes on Warringah Road within a separated underpass for about 1.3 kilometres below the intersections of Forest Way, Hilmer Street and Wakehurst Parkway
  • Two new shared bridges across Warringah Road near Forest Way and Hilmer Street and new shared paths and footpaths on sections of Warringah Road, Wakehurst Parkway, Forest Way, Aquatic Drive and Allambie Road.

For more information, see About this project.

Map of Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrades - click for a larger version (JPG, 81Kb)
Map of Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrades - click for a larger version (JPG, 81Kb)
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