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Roads and Maritime has made temporary traffic changes so we can progress the upgrade of Warringah Road at Frenchs Forest. Warringah Road is one of Sydney’s busiest arterial roads. About 140,000 vehicles travel through the area every day. With population growth and increased employment expected across the Northern Beaches, the road upgrade will provide essential infrastructure to move motorists through the
Frenchs Forest area more efficiently.

When the project is complete road users will enjoy improved travel times and network reliability on Warringah Road and the surrounding road network.

We will continue to keep the community informed and monitor traffic alongside the Transport Management Centre to ensure we provide a safe environment for residents, commuters, pedestrians and cyclists travelling through the project area as well as for those working on the project.

Please view the animated video to see how it will look once complete.

Key traffic changes

Construction reaches peak activity between May and July 2018 and there are lots of changes ahead. The next stage of the project will see major traffic changes in Frenchs Forest from Saturday 26 May as we move into more extensive work on the Warringah Road upgrade.

Traffic delays and impacts to journey times will continue and we sincerely appreciate the support of residents and road users during this period.

Current work locations and traffic changes

Frenchs Forest Road

  • Frenchs Forest will reopen to two way traffic, widened to two lanes in each direction in late July 2018 providing key access and additional capacity to the hospital. We thank residents and patients for their patience and understanding during this important work.

Wakehurst Parkway

  • Roads and Maritime Services will implement a number of traffic changes at the Warringah Road and Wakehurst Parkway intersection over two consecutive weekends. These changes are necessary to prepare for the next stage of road construction on Warringah Road.

    Weekend 1: Friday 11 May to Monday 14 May - Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road intersection lane reductions
    • Roads and Maritime will reduce Wakehurst Parkway to one lane in each direction at the Warringah Road intersection from 8pm on Friday 11 May to 5am on Monday 14 May, weather permitting.
    • Traffic conditions will change at the Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road intersection from Friday 11 May evening to Saturday 26 May evening. There will be reduced lane capacity for Wakehurst Parkway traffic turning left onto Warringah Road.
    • Longer travel time for northbound motorists on Wakehurst Parkway is expected.

    • From Saturday 12 May evening, road users travelling west (towards the city) on Warringah Road wanting to turn left onto Wakehurst Parkway south will need to be in the left hand lane from Rodborough Road onwards in order to use the new left turn slip lane.
    Weekend 2: Friday 18 May to Monday 21 May - Wakehurst Parkway weekend closure between Seaforth and Narrabeen

    Roads and Maritime will close Wakehurst Parkway north and south of Warringah Road to carry out to important work at this intersection. The closures will take place from 10pm on Friday 18 May to 5am on Monday 21 May, weather permitting.

    This temporary closure will allow us to rebuild the southern side of the Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road intersection as well as move traffic signals and change the intersection on the northern side of Warringah Road. When complete this new section of road will form part of the new westbound lanes of Warringah Road which will open to traffic the following weekend, weather permitting.

    Closure of Wakehurst Parkway north of Warringah Road to Narrabeen

    Wakehurst Parkway north of Warringah Road will be closed at Pittwater Road, Narrabeen with access maintained for local traffic heading to and from North Narrabeen, Oxford Falls and Frenchs Forest.

    During the closure we will move the traffic lights and change the northern side of the Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road intersection.

    Detours will be in place for local traffic. Police will be on site to direct traffic and allow a temporary right turn from Wakehurst Parkway to Frenchs Forest Road West for traffic wanting to head towards Chatswood. Southbound traffic on Wakehurst Parkway wanting to head east to Dee Why can still turn left using the slip lane onto Warringah Road.

    Closure of Wakehurst Parkway south of Warringah Road to Seaforth

    Wakehurst Parkway south of Warringah Road will be closed from Judith Street, Seaforth. During the closure we will rebuild the southern side of the Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Road intersection, which will become part of the new westbound lanes on Warringah Road.

    Please plan your journey ahead and allow additional travel time.

Warringah Road

  • From Friday 25 May evening 2018, there will be major traffic changes along Warringah Road between Rodborough Road and Fitzpatrick Avenue East in Frenchs Forrest.

    We have been working to upgrade the westbound lanes on Warringah Road and they will soon be ready for traffic. These new lanes have been built on the southern side of Warringah Road and will take traffic towards the city.

    The Warringah Road traffic shift involves two key changes, each taking place over a weekend.

    • Part 1: Westbound traffic change weekend of 25 May to 27 May 2018

    From Friday 25 May evening we will begin work to move traffic onto three new westbound lanes on Warringah Road.

    This will involve:

    • Traffic signals being intermittently turned off during the weekend at the intersections of Wakehurst Parkway, Hilmer Street and Forest Way. Police will attend and control traffic while the traffic signals are turned off. Please use caution when travelling through the intersection and follow police directions.
    • Reduced lane capacity on Warringah Road.
    • Expected delays for right turn from Warringah Road onto Forest Way while asphalt work is completed
    • Changed conditions for traffic turning right at Forest Way. From 6pm on Saturday 26 May the right turn from Forest Way to Warringah Road westbound (towards city) will be temporarily closed and a detour will be in place. Buses will be permitted to continue to turn right from Forest Way to Warringah Road.

    The traffic change will be complete on Sunday morning (weather permitting).

    We urge motorists to use caution and follow the direction of traffic controllers and signage when driving through the area.

    You can view our interactive portal to visualise the changed intersections before and after the changes.

    • Part 2: Eastbound traffic change
      In June 2018, eastbound traffic will temporarily shift onto the old westbound traffic lanes for about four months, weather permitting. This will make room to safely rebuild the eastbound lanes of Warringah Road in preparation for the opening of the Northern Beaches Hospital.

    When the eastbound lanes are complete in late 2018, eastbound traffic will move back to the northern side of Warringah Road, and we will ramp up excavation of the underpass in the centre of the roadway.

    The construction of the Warringah Road underpass has already started and there will be further traffic changes along Warringah Road.

    Traffic changes on Warringah Road will be implemented in a number of phases to allow the construction of three bridges and the Warringah Road underpass, all while allowing continued use of the roads. Regular updates will be provided about traffic changes during this time.

    Road users should expect heavy traffic and extensive delays to the road network in the Frenchs Forest area. Road congestion in the area will be particularly worse during AM and PM peaks on weekdays, and also on Saturdays.

Traffic route map
Traffic route map (PDF, 980Kb)

The 1.3km Warringah Road upgrade will improve the performance of the road network and reduce congestion around the road network. Through traffic will flow along Warringah Road, bypassing three intersections. Completion of the underpass will improve travel speeds and reliability of travel on Warringah Road and the surrounding road network.

We are extremely grateful to residents and commuters for their ongoing patience while we deliver this important project for the Northern Beaches.

For more detailed information you can view or download the Traffic and Access Management Plan (TAMP) which describes how traffic is managed during construction, including how we ensure appropriate controls and procedures are in place to address potential traffic impacts.

Sign up to weekly traffic alerts

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Detour information

Alternative routes like Mona Vale Road or Pittwater Road may be better options for some journeys. You can also consider a real-time road app to help you find your best route based on live traffic data.

For more information visit

Are you a pedestrian or commuter in the area?

New bus priority measures and facilities will provide:

  • increased bus services
  • improved public transport options
  • improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists

New facilities such as signalised pedestrian crossings at all intersections, shared paths and shared pedestrian bridges will also improve safety, public transport options and provide essential access through the area.

During construction, some bus stops need to be temporarily relocated or closed to allow essential work to occur. Pedestrian access is maintained at all times, although minor temporary detours may be in place. We will communicate these changes to users via notifications and signs posted at the bus stops.

The project team consults regularly with transport providers, local Council and other stakeholders on these bus and transport changes, which are also approved by Transport for NSW.

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