Urban design

Roads and Maritime aims to deliver a project that is physically and visually integrated with its surrounding environment, enhances community connectivity and engages the road user with the unique and defining characteristics of the local context.

To achieve this, Ferrovial York Joint Venture has prepared an Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) report.

The UDLP report outlines details and designs for the road project, underpass, pedestrian bridges and paths, landscaping and vegetation, noise wall, and road furniture (lighting, signage, shelters).

Community feedback

A draft version of the UDLP report was available for community comment in June 2016. All feedback will be considered in the final UDLP report which will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for approval.

Key features of the UDLP

The integrated urban design outcome delivers:

  • A landscape ‘forest’ legacy
  • Improved connectivity for local community that is adaptable to future growth
  • A distinctive, expressive and integrated driving experience.

Some of the key design elements on the project include:

  • Shared path bridge ramp in ‘forest’ setting
  • Shared path bridges designed to be safe, provide good sight lines and be open to the sky and landscape beyond
  • Tree planting to top of new underpass structure
  • Retaining walls with simple decorative patterns to reinforce bushland setting
  • Noise wall with transparent panel at the top to let in natural light
  • Revegetation of Duffys Forest Ecological Community
  • Planting schedule including native Australian canopy trees, small shrubs, ground covers, and grass.
Artists impression: Wakehurst Parkway portal integrated into the landscape setting
Artists impression: View along Warringah Road at Forest Way intersection
Artists impression: Proposed view from within Warringah Road underpass
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