Intersection improvements on the Pacific Highway and Mona Vale/Ryde Road Pymble

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Roads and Maritime services is currently seeking feedback until Friday 4 November, on a proposal to make upgrades on the turning lanes at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Mona Vale Road.

View or download the October 2016 Project Update (PDF, 378Kb).

Project background

The NSW Government is considering this proposal at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Mona Vale Road/ Ryde Road as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

Project benefits

Benefits of the project will include:

  • Reducing congestion by allowing motorists travelling northbound on the Pacific Highway to move through the intersection more freely
  • Improving traffic flow for motorists to travelling eastbound from Pacific Highway onto Mona Vale Road
  • Helping to prevent queueing southbound on Pacific Highway at the left turn onto Mona Vale Road
  • Improving safety on Pacific Highway for both north and southbound motorists turning east onto Mona Vale Road.

Key features

  • Modifying the existing northbound centre concrete median to accommodate an additional 70 metre right turn lane from the Pacific Highway onto Mona Vale Road
  • Providing a dedicated southbound left turn lane from the Pacific Highway onto the Mona Vale Road
  • Installing an additional short lane to provide triple right turn lane from Mona Vale Road onto the Pacific Highway, while keeping the existing through lane onto Ryde Road
  • Adjusting footpaths and kerbs
  • Modifying the existing traffic islands on the Pacific Highway near the intersection
  • Removing trees and shrubs to widen road
  • Asphalting and line marking.

What happens next?

We will consider all feedback before deciding whether to proceed with this proposal. A community consultation report outlining the comments received and our responses will be made available in the months following the close of consultation.

We will keep you updated as the proposal progresses.

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