Warringah Road - the Roseville Bridge to Beacon Hill

The Sydney Clearways Strategy identified Warringah Road between the Roseville Bridge to Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill, as a route for the investigation of new and extended clearways to better manage congestion on Sydney's road network.

Updates and announcements

In December, Roads and Maritime displayed the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) Volume 1(PDF, 5.04Mb) and REF Volume 2 (PDF, 5.3Mb).

The comments received during the display period are being collated and we will notify the community as the project progresses.

Project background

The NSW Government announced the Sydney Clearways Strategy as one of its key initiatives to reduce congestion on Sydney’s major roads. $121 million was committed to implementing the strategy and installing new clearways on Sydney’s road network.

Installing new and extended clearways on weekdays and weekends can help reduce congestion in many areas of Sydney by allowing motorists to use all traffic lanes.

Since 2013, we have installed over 230 kilometres of new and extended clearways across some of Sydney’s busiest road corridors. We are continuing to investigate where new and extended clearways would help ease congestion and provide more reliable travel times for road users across the network.


  • reduce congestion by making an additional lane available to traffic
  • improve journey times, allowing drivers to get to their destination sooner and more reliably
  • improve safety by removing parked vehicles from the kerbside lane
  • have an immediate positive impact on traffic flow as it uses existing road space for the movement of vehicles.

Consultation outcome

In February and March 2017, Roads and Maritime Services asked for feedback from the community on a proposal to extend the existing and introduce new clearways on Warringah Road from Roseville Bridge, Roseville Chase to Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill.

We distributed over 10,000 letters to residents, businesses, and other key stakeholders and held an information session for community members to talk to the project team about the proposed changes to the clearways.

We received feedback from almost 200 community members and stakeholders who raised matters in relation to the need for new and extended clearways, changes to parking and accessing properties. We have collated the community feedback and provided responses to the key matters raised in a Community Consultation Report.

After considering all the feedback, along with the objectives of the Sydney Clearways Strategy, Roads and Maritime is progressed the new and extended clearways proposal by displaying the Review of Environmental Factors (REF):

The REF provides more detail on the matters raised during the consultation.

Clearways proposal

Roads and Maritime is proposing to install new and extended clearways in both directions on Warringah Road between the Roseville Bridge and Beacon Hill Road, Beacon Hill.

The proposed clearway hours in both directions on Warringah Road are:

  • weekdays from 6:00am to 7:00pm
  • weekends and public holidays from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Any existing parking restrictions will continue to operate outside proposed clearway hours. Changes to clearway restrictions around the Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade will take place once the roadwork is complete.

Display of Review of Environmental Factors

The final assessment for the project (the REF) was on display between Monday 27 November and Friday 15 December 2017.

A copy can be downloaded below:

What happens next?

We welcome any new comments by Friday 15 December to clearways@rms.nsw.gov.au or

Clearways Project Team
PO Box 973
Parramatta NSW 2124

The comments received during the display will be considered by Roads and Maritime, and the community will be notified as the project progresses.

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