Belmore Road ramps

The Australian and NSW Governments are jointly funding this project to improve access to and from the M5 South West Motorway at Riverwood for local residents and businesses near Belmore Road.

Updates and announcements

Major construction started in April and is progressing well. The project is due for completion in early 2019, weather permitting.

For more information please view of download the latest Community Update (PDF, 3.0Mb).

Project benefits

Roads and Maritime will deliver this project to:

  • Provide better access and faster entry and exit to and from the M5 South West Motorway at Belmore Road, Riverwood
  • Ease congestion and reduce travel times
  • Improve travel reliability for local road users
  • Provide an additional choice of route to the CBD and Belmore Road for local Riverwood motorists and businesses
  • Extend the existing shared pathway network through Rotary Park, adjacent to the M5 South West Motorway


There are currently only two west-facing ramps at Belmore Road, Riverwood for motorists to access the M5 South West Motorway.

To improve access to surrounding arterial roads and allow for more efficient access to the M5 South West Motorway for local motorists, this project will provide two new east-facing ramps to directly access and exit the motorway.

Key features

Key project features include:

  • New entry ramp for direct access to the M5 South West Motorway to travel east from Belmore Road towards Sydney Airport and the city
  • New exit ramp for motorists travelling west on the M5 South West Motorway to access Belmore Road
  • Widening the existing eastbound exit road ramp from the M5 South West Motorway to allow an additional right turn lane onto Belmore Road
  • Upgrade of Belmore Road to allow southbound vehicles to turn left onto the new ramp to the M5 South West Motorway
  • Modifying the central median on Belmore Road bridge to provide a right turn lane onto the new ramp to the M5 South West Motorway
  • New and upgraded traffic signals at Belmore Road and the M5 South West Motorway interchange
  • New shared pathway through Rotary Park, connecting to the existing shared pathway network
  • Tolling gantries on each new ramp

The upgrade includes changes to the surrounding road network including an afternoon peak (Monday to Friday 4-7pm) clearway on Belmore Road between Hannans Road and Josephine Street in the southbound direction to improve local traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Environmental assessment

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been published to identify the project’s potential environmental impacts. The assessment was carried out in consultation with a range of key stakeholders including City of Canterbury Bankstown Council and Interlink Roads, and technical specialists. The REF addressed potential environmental impacts including noise, heritage, biodiversity and amenity as well as impacts during construction. The report also outlines measures to reduce and manage the potential impacts.

For more information you can view or download the REF main report and appendices A-F and appendices G-L.

Project documents


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